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So... I have this novelty "lava style" lamp manufactured by a company called New Fanciful Industries (or something like that).  It’s not Lava Lite brand quality, but it’s whimsical and it makes me smile. The base and top cap have a wizard and dragon theme.  I want to renovate it and give it to my brother. The only problem is that I can’t seem to locate a light bulb that will work!  It came with a Christmas tree bulb inserted. The label inside the bulb holder says it can take up to a 40 watt bulb. But the bulb must have a candelabra base and can’t be any taller than 2.25 inches.  A 15 watt bulb fits beautifully but does not provide enough heat to make the lava flow. The 20 watt bulbs with candelabra bases are too tall and as a result, the globe rests precariously on top of them. I’ve scoured the internet and haven’t come up with anything that seems to work. I’ve looked at sewing machine bulbs, but haven’t checked automobile bulbs because I don’t know what to look for. Can anyone offer a suggestion here?  The depth of the metal base  is 7 inches and it is in the shape of one long V shaped vase. The upper opening is about 2.25 inches in diameter.  I’m stumped and sure would appreciate some assistance on this one. 

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I think you are looking for this T7 bulb - it's 2.25" in height.  


Sounds perfect!  Thanks, Kirk!

I'd check Lowes if you have one near you, they tend to have a fairly wide selection of light bulbs, I get mine there.

What about making a reflector?  Take a piece of aluminum foil, for trial sake, and make a inverse cone around the lamp base and see if it can heat up any better. Just a thought. OPPS, just saw post of someone supplying vendor for need bulb, never mind.


Have you tried ebay for this lamp? I work with a ton of vintage Christmas lamps and have found every imaginable bulb there.  Do you have a photo of this elusive bulb?  I would post so we have some idea what you're looking for.

Thanks, Joseph. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for on the Norman Lamps website that Kirk posted. I do appreciate your help!

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