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It's been a long time since i posted here last time.

I bought Mathmos Astro few years ago and I was very happy with it. But two years ago i accidently make it to fall over and globe become cloudy as hell, You barely could see the goo moving inside. So thanks to knowledge I obtained here I cycled my lamp for few months. Clouding has decreased, but water wasn't perfectly clear, and there was plenty of bubbles in wax. I made a decision about replacing the fluid. I created new solution with tap water, Fairy dish soap and epsom salt solution. No luck - plenty of bubbles, after about 2h of lamp running water become cloudy. Second attempt - tap water, engine coolant and same Fairy. Bubbles gone, but water still gets cloudy. I tried also destilled water and boiled water - same outcome - water gets cloudy after few hours. What to do? I tried to run the lamp without any kind of surf and water is still clouding itself (not to mention wax sticked on the bottom of globe). Anybody have an idea how to resolve this issue? My lamp is nearly perfeclty restored, I am so close and this clouding freaks me out! :P

Happy New Year by the way :)

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have to confess this monster is running on di-ionised water and some sugar melted with water , been running for 3 weeks and not clouded yet, i had previously added couple drops of washing up liquid and after a few days started clouding,  Ive used the melted sugar thickner for donkey years if a lamp isnt flowing well as in slow movement,  i tend to put couple of tablespoons of sugar in a glass then pour a tiny amount of water just enough to cover the sugar and zap in the microwave to bubble and melt, let it cool so it goes right thick and add to the lamp ( while its could ) mix it in and see if it flows better, if still slow add some more etc

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