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Spencer's gifts megavolt plasma ball wanted!!!! FOUND!! NO LONGER LOOKING.

Been looking for this awhile, can anyone help me out. I saw a member on here had it for sale but not sure if he's on here anymore.  If anyone can locate one for me from another seller then themselves and I purchase it I'll pay them a 15% finder's fee.  Thanks everyone. 


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I own one of these rare lamps.  I purchased mine from the grand daughter of a woman who used to be a manager for Spencers back in the 90's and passed away leaving behind a cool collection of some rare lamps.  I not only have the lamp I also have the box and all the legs that can be added or removed - foam from original box included.  I preferred the lamp without the legs.  Looks bigger in my opinion without.  This is a huge and rare globe.  I've never seen one in all the years of bidding on ebay.  There is a 12'' knock off on ebay that runs 399.00 up and you have to wait for two months for item to arrive from CHINA.  Lamp has rarely been displayed and still MINT in box.  I also own several other hard to find plasma lamps like the Spencers HailStorms .  I only purchase exceptional lamps for my collection.  I'm not sure I want to sell any of the lamps mentioned but might consider.  I'll try and post a photo of the Mega Volt sometime tonight if I can find the time.  

Awesome, I love back stories for each lamp to.  Some are very sad and others are happy, strange, ECT.  I'd love to see your collection, even if your not selling just to see them. I have around 30 plasmas myself, some quite rare to.  I'll send a friend request so we can chat more.  Thanks for responding my friend. 

Found one!!  Thanks everyone.  0827201933.jpg

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