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Yep, there's a silver Starship Grande, minus cap, in my local Goodwill, which is Renton, WA. They want $70 for it. Globe is cloudy yellow/blue. Are these indeed hyper-rare? Does anybody want it? I could pick it up for someone. Photos linked below.



If I did get it, I'd have to go Sunday, hopefully it'd still be there.

~ Jonas

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That's cool!  I'm in Seattle.  I might go down there tomorrow and have a look.  Thanks much for the heads-up!  I love the old starships, never seen a grande before.

I thought those were prototypes and not released? Someone go snag that!

Interesting, what a shame the cap is missing. This is the third one I have seen.

Rare find, Jonas.  I'd pick it up for sure.  I agree with Bill, though.  Too bad the cap is missing.

if you pick it up and don't want it, i am interested in taking just the base if you want the globe.  i am VERY partial to starships.  can work out details via PM if interested.

Because I don't have $70 to spare and I have absolutely nowhere I can put it. If someone wants me to buy it, PM me or, better yet, email at jcefoundit@gmail. But I'm not going to buy it and sit on it, because I have no room to even store it.

I'm a big starship fan as well. I'm planning on heading down there tomorrow morning. If anyone has a line on a cap, let me know. :) I'm going to plan on kitting it. :)

Good luck in picking it up, Brian.  

Since these were prototypes and never mass produced, chances are slim to none that you'll find a cap.  Due to the rarity, I'd probably explore getting a cap custom made for it.  You could also ask Susan at LL if they have one laying around -- kinda' doubt it, though. 

I hope you get it, Brian! Needs a new globe. It's the most unusual lamp I've ever found in a thrift store. If it was $40 or so, I would have bought it.

By the way, Brian, if you're in Seattle... would you ever kit a lamp for someone else if they pay for materials and time? I'm over in Renton, and I suck at chemistry if it doesn't involve booze.

Hey Jonas, I would entertain doing a kit for you, but give me a little time first, as I have never done one. My first goo kit just got delivered yesterday, just in time to experiment with this one, assuming it's still there. :)

ok, nevermind.

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