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So I have a problem with my Consort bottle, I guess I'll start at the beginning

When I got this lamp I knew it needed work, it was missing about an inch of master fluid and it was all cloudy, so I dumped the original wax and master fluid and used some spare GooKit wax I had. However the wax stuck to every square inch of the bottle except for the top inch where the old fluid had been missing. I degreased the bottle and tried again, but it still stuck so I assumed my wax was bad. So then I tried using replacement Lava-Simplex wax but it's still doing the same thing. I've scrubbed the hell out of this bottle so I can only think maybe I'm not adding enough surf? Or maybe the bottle is just "bad"?

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Man, kudos for the massive attempt at cleaning this globe bro.  Sure that wax had seen better days.  Only one word comes to mind for this problem!  GLITTER!  There are so many choices now a days, between Kirk and Marcel vending their products, would not think twice about it.  Save you a big headache.  Just a thought, good luck with this project, sure it will turn out great

whatever route you choose. 

Benson saw your other post with the bad luck on the globe that came home bashed.  Saw you wanted to use the goo.  Think it was Autumn that said the specific gravity of a consort bottle formula was different than that of a regular lava lamp.  Just some additional info for your project.  Good luck if you choose to res the lava lamp consort route! 

You may have already done this but when I clean a bottle and get ready to add wax to it I actually use a solution that is heavy with surfactant (SLS for me). I mix a 25% surf to H20 mixture and dump it in the bottle and swirl it around to be sure that every inch of the bottle gets a good coating. I then dump it out and add my wax without any rinsing.Many times there is some bubble residue at the bottom of the bottle and I just set it upside on a towel to make sure that I have dumped as much as I can but leave the residue and don't rinse it. 

If you don't want to "waste" valuable surf then I would use a clear dish soap solution to coat the bottle.

Good luck!

I don't know if you have tried the spray cleaner krud kutter or not. I have had that issue with a couple of my lamps and tried that stuff and never had that issue again. I clean my globe with dish detergent and hot water then spray the inside of the globe and let it sit for awhile, sometimes hours or even over night. Then scrub it with spray still in the globe then rinse well and scrub again with detergent if you wish. 

More than likely it's not the goo... In my opinion.

Make sure you add boiling water and dawn when its empty

Shake Repeat

Use bottle brush (With gloves) and scrub the hell out of it.


Then do what Sentrex suggest and add surf solutions to coat the bottle

Update! We want an update!

Sad news,

So I tried everything once again, used the Krud Kutter (idk if I got the right kind tho), and still had stuck wax. I had a huge mess when I melted the Lava-Simplex wax then stored it in a plastic cup which melted and spilled everywhere, I saved as much as I could. However, when I reheated the Consort globe for the last time, I noticed a small crack on the bottom which began to spread. The water started dripping out. Sooooo, I killed the Consort. Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to touch lava lamps anymore because every one I touch (except my Aristocrat) breaks. 

Awh man, sorry to hear. But, you did give it the ol' college try!

 I think there was something wrong with the bottle, maybe Lava-Simplex's original Consort master fluid had something in it to keep the wax from sticking to the sides. Whatever, I am saving the old red Simplex wax to use on some future project possibly. 

As a last resort - I picked this tip up in this form - fill it with gasoline and leave it in your garage for a week or two.

This has worked for me albeit was not a consort.

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