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Hi so the vintage Crestworth Astro i have is currently using a 50 watt bulb on it. It flows great with it. However, the max wattage for these are 40 watts and I don't want to run the risk of stressing the glass and it cracking from the heat. But when I put it on a 40 watt lamp of my other Astro, it does nothing. Does anyone know how I can get it to flow with a 40 watt bulb?

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Give it time to heat.

depending what type age base you have can make a difference, i have a 70s astro which the base is one part and compared to early models where the base is made up of 2 copper parts it is more sluggish, ive never seen a 50watt bulb for a astro is it possible a 60watt?

Also is it a early bottle not a mathmos replacement, old bottles get sluggish with age as only ment to last for 2000 hours approx.

you need to upload some pics of the base and the bottle

I should've mentioned that I'm in the States and had to convert the plug, but that shouldn't be an issue once  I've gotten a 120 volt bulb. And the only bayonet bulbs sold here that I could find was a 50 watt bulb. When I received it from the UK the seller also included two 60 watt bulbs, but those were only getting half power since they require 240 volts to run and even if they did run at full power those would've had been way too hot for it. Like you guessed it consists of two copper parts, and it's a screw top. I posted a picture of it a few weeks ago. You can check my profile for it. 

I've left it overnight a few days ago on a 40 watt bulb, and it only got as far as doming. 

Zapiao said:

Give it time to heat.

Update: Since the bayonet bulbs were so obscure around my area, I just bought a BA15D to e12 adapter. With the extra height from the adapter a 40 watt candelabra was able to properly heat up the lamp. Although I did need to adjust the master fluid too with some propylene glycol because it was only producing an undesirable small blob one at a time. 

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