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Wax is too far gone in my new lamp.. can i simply swap the wax from a new lamp to it ?

My enchantress lamp i bought on ebay, is a dissapointment.   In the 10 pics the person posted of it being on the wax looks fine, but i guess thats an effect of the camera not being able to capture the bubbles.

The lamp is a 74, I loove the green liquid in it, it may or may not be redone im doubting it is because the advertisement pictures of this color have the same green liquid.  But who knows.. regardless i wanna save the liquid its clear and a great color.  The wax though has tons of powder in it ?  And the blobs have too many water bubbles in it to count.. Looks terrible.

The globe has a very light green wax color.  I would like to stay with that color if i can, but i dont think any of the spencers lamps have a very light mint green color.

So i was thinking of this lamp.  Its one of the 2018 lamps i think the picture on the box is a neon green but in reality its more of a green/yellow, on camera it looks more yellow so i dunno..  My mom bought this for my brother, and im thinking of going to spencers tomorrow to buy one and sacrifice it for my enchantress globe. 

How do you think this yellow/green wax would look inside this radioactive green liquid ?  Or do you think i should get a white wax ?  Or would regular paraffin wax from a hobby store work lol ?

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Some of us have been there and tried that Claude J!  Big fan of SLES myself and polyethylene glycol (PEG).  Sometimes will use epsom salt to heavy the water too.  Thanks so much for your time, and efforts perfecting this procedure.  Thanks bro. :)

Claude,  yes but im very technical, and your copy and paste says dont use shampoos or dawn soap because they have degreasers.. yet SLS is a degreaser and its in fact the main ingrediant in shampoos and soaps  You know SLS is what makes things bubble..  Thats why they put it in toothpaste to make people think its doing something.. and also ill ask what ever the HELL i want to ask you little elitist prick.   I hate people who think because they have done something 200 times as you stated it makes them god or something.  Fuck you,

One degreaser or another what is the difference..  There is none.   My brothers lamp i fixed over a month ago and its not cloudy and has no issues using the shampoo i used, this lamp im having issues with is simply because i put too much salt or too much shampoo it has to be one or the other..  So i thought id ask.  But its cool, i already re-did it and its working fine now. 

Also this shampoo has only 1 other degreaser in it, Hexylene glycol.  The rest is citric acid, aka vitamin C, sodium benzoate aka a preservative, and Glycerine, which is actually better as a lubricant then SLS because it isnt a degreaser like SLS is..

Think about your words for a second dont use degreasers, yet use SLS when its the #1 degreaser in every kind of soap there there makes A TON of sense

I prefer SLS, Claude prefers SLES. I don't know what difference it makes really, I followed another members advice because he has had a lot of success with SLS (before Claude joined). I prefer propylene glycol over salt because salt can be corrosive and these lamps use a metal coil.
When you use the actual chemical YOU are in control of the amounts and ratios. Unwanted additives are eliminated, as well as unexpected results.

Elitist Prick?

Have you reduced and lowered yourself to the lowest level of respect by name calling now?

Forums ban individuals for this type of anti-social behavior

And yes, I agree with Keith and Magoo,  I almost always use propylene glycol as my primary adjustment chemical but I assumed since you apparently have NO Budget and was using your sisters shampoos instead of spending the money buying the proper pure chemicals that are repeatedly mentioned everywhere in this forum, in every instruction guide, and used by every member here that does this hobby, Salt you be your affordable option.

And Salt certainly has its drawbacks.

Corroding coils (even though its made of stainless steel)
Leaching of colors of lava into the fluid, etc

READ the archives before you ask questions, make stupid comments, and waste other peoples time.

And I didn't copy and past nothing but the ratios (Which are directly from Magma Tower), I used (wasted) my valuable time and typed everything by hand and dedicated over an hour of time at 4am in a futile attempt to assist you, you ungrateful self-entitled wrath on humanity.

if you know so much, then don't ask.

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