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I have been accepted by Lava Lite as an authorized reseller like I used to be with lavaworld. So if you still want a colossus for 499 Plus S&H let me know. I don't know how long this will last. I am limited to what they have listed in stock. The table is 35.00 If you order these from me you save a hundred bucks on the lamp right now.

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very interested in any you have at the aforementioned price, thanks
Yes I know it has been a few years since you have talked about this but are you still selling these??
Oh my goodness that thing is really big...guess big is better. Its almost spookie

I still want one or pieces of one.  I'd like to build my own.  Rumor has it that several old ones are still in the Lava Lite warehouse.


Call me if you find one, 303-516-1108.





how much do they weigh? just curious
Dang! how do you replace the bulb?

Bohdan said:
The globe is 110 lbs.  Total weight is 125 lbs.


I have been away for awhile, did not want to tempt myself into buying when money has been so tight.  If you still have access to one of these Colossus I would so luv to have one :-)

Thanks so much!


Penny    559-241-9411

well unfortunately finding replacement light bulbs is still a problem. that is why they are not marketing them right now. that old price was a christmas sale from years gone by. maybe some day!

I am looking for one in the UK, everywhere that stocked them in the UK has seemed to have run out, and they say that they will no longer be sold in the UK.

Any info would be great on any UK supplies of this lamp

Thanks in advance



Can you still find the right bulb for these?

Even if they started making them again, LL would have to really clean up their act before I would even think

about buying one.

The thought of MSR filtering one of these boys is pretty scary!!


I got lucky and bought all 48 bulbs they had.  Once in a lifetime deal made in USA Sylvania!  Plus I bought 10 from lava lite. I'm not sure if they're out of their china bulbs

"Now finding an original USA Humongo would be soo cool."


Oooooooo!! me me me me first ;)

Bohdan said:

Like the grande many Colossus had the same problems from cloudy to dye leaks to caps leaking and to having lava stick to the inner globe. To filter one would take 4 to 5 hours dependent on arms as you pump away.

"Now finding an original USA Humongo would be soo cool."

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