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I have been accepted by Lava Lite as an authorized reseller like I used to be with lavaworld. So if you still want a colossus for 499 Plus S&H let me know. I don't know how long this will last. I am limited to what they have listed in stock. The table is 35.00 If you order these from me you save a hundred bucks on the lamp right now.

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I got lucky and bought all 48 bulbs they had.  Once in a lifetime deal made in USA Sylvania!  Plus I bought 10 from lava lite. I'm not sure if they're out of their china bulbs

"Now finding an original USA Humongo would be soo cool."


Oooooooo!! me me me me first ;)

Bohdan said:

Like the grande many Colossus had the same problems from cloudy to dye leaks to caps leaking and to having lava stick to the inner globe. To filter one would take 4 to 5 hours dependent on arms as you pump away.

"Now finding an original USA Humongo would be soo cool."

Matt, do you still have a colossus to sell?  I have a friend that expressed interest in one,
i would love to get one but would have to split it into 2-3 payments on ssi disability and get crap to live one lol
I have really wanted one since they came out.I still search the web for them
Yea I know they have their problems still want one.I can deal with it and I can always try to fix the issues that come up with it. :)

Will a br40 work in a colossus?  Thanx

Did in mine.....

Hello, I am interested in a Colossus lava lamp, what colors do you have left and stand/base table options?

Hey Stephan, this thread was from 3 years ago and they dont sell or make these anymore.

oh, crap- I saw the thread still has a current date on it- so maybe there was some. Thank you for letting me know.

lol no worries most of us would've liked one of these but they had major issue.

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