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Why you should not order from K尺工ち..."The Icon Nightmare"...no one should go through all of this!

                               The Icon Nightmare     Title by VOXul


Ok. I posted a discussion last month asking for help in locating Kris Mock (ie K尺工ち) due to the fact that he owed me 3 Icons and was ignoring me. Many people here responded and were all VERY nice! Erin is SO sweet that she sent me one of the Icons that Kris owed me and would not even let me pay the shipping! I appreciate everyone's concern and I know that many wanted to know what happened, so I finally am writing it all out. Also, I deleted the previous thread once I finally "tricked" Kris into contacting me as I did not want it to interfere with his following through with our transaction.

Please note: The items in caps that are underlined are merely for my entertainment...they are the "chapters" in my saga...lol!

                                           The lava is always so pretty in the beginning...

I contacted Kris in early November about the 3 Icons he had (as they were most important to me.) I arranged a large purchase him. I told him I could spend about $475 plus shipping and that I wanted the Icons, the black Galaxy, and maybe another Fantasia or 2. These were my presents from my boyfriend for my birthday on Nov 13th, Christmas, and Valentines Day 2014 ...lol. Kris said he would do 2 boxed fantasias, 1 unboxed Fantasia and all 3 icons.

Nov 6 - I sent $475 via Paypal. Kris had me send it as a "gift to a friend" so I would pay the Paypal fee and he would not have fees. Typically I would not have done that, but he had such a great history of selling here on OG. I read all the other posts of satisfied purchasers and decided he must be trustworthy.

I had decided on 2 of the Fantasias, but I had to wait for him to send images of the Fantasia Galaxy and Cuda Galaxy so I could decide which one I wanted. I asked him to please go ahead and send the Icons first because they were most important to me. I also told him that I would likely be purchasing more items from him once we completed this transaction.

Nov 9 - Kris sent the photos of the 2 Galaxies and I chose the Fantasia Galaxy for my 3rd Fiber Optic


                                       but sometimes... the goo is so slow to ooze.

Nov. 16 - Kris said they were boxed up and going out Monday and he would send me tracking info

Nov 25 - Kris sent me 2 tracking numbers and told me shipping was $56 (I was hoping it would be all 6 items, but the shipping seemed a little low for that much stuff.)

Nov 27 - Kris sent "There might be a delay. I live downtown and the drop off is at our apartment complex. They did go out and should have been picked up."

Dec 1 - I fell and fractured my wrist :(

Dec 2 - Kris told me that the office told him they were picked up today...sorry for the delay.

                               Behold, a flicker of life beneath the lava!

Dec 10 - The boxes arrived. It was the 3 Fantasia lamps

-The Sunburst is beautiful, but it would not light up when it arrived. The light bulb base and lamp connection were corroded ..kinda like batteries do with age. I cleaned it all up and got it working, however, the motor started hanging up about the 2nd time I turned it on. I did not complain at all.

Dec 12 - I asked Kris to please go ahead and ship the icons because all my hippie relatives would love to see them at Christmas. I said that I could pay all the shipping together after he shipped icons.

He said, "Prefer if you could cover the past shipping just because I like to keep everything with what it went with."

Dec 15 - My boyfriend and I thought that Kris might have been having financial problems, so we sent him $125 for shipping (so $56 that he spent on the Fantasias and $69 to ship the 3 Icons.) I told him that I sent extra and hoped that he could go ahead and get the Icons shipped.

Dec 20 - I asked for an update...no response

Dec 23 - Sent him another nice message just checking on status.

Kris told me the stuff was at his Mom's house and she was on vacation til after Christmas. 

                                 Unfortunately... the light burns out.

Jan 3 - I had to have surgery to have my wrist re broken due to moron doctors who could not set a simple fracture properly

Jan 4 - Sent Kris message checking status - no response

Jan 6 and 7 - Texted and Emailed - no response

                                          Just a quick bulb replacement...

Jan 8 - "Hi Kris, 

I have been trying to reach you. PLEASE contact me. I really want to get the Icon lavas and am getting depressed about the fact that I can not get in touch with you. I LOVE the fantasias that you sent, but I really ordered from you because I wanted the Icons. 

My boyfriend bought these for me for my birthday (Nov 13) Anniversary (Nov 21) and Christmas presents. He is very concerned that we are not hearing back from you. 
Please contact me.
Thanks so much!
                                                           and the goo begins to flow again!
Kris responded,."Kim-
Hey, I did respond to your email and texts a couple of times. Not sure what went wrong. I have not forgotten and I have no intentions of ripping you off.
Here's the update. I got back in town Monday. The icons are at home. I sent an email asking since it's taking a bit, would you like a refund or want the icons. Depending which you wanted, what globes did you want?
I apologize for the confusion and I will reinstall my messaging app to see if that helps.
Jan 9 - I picked the globes I wanted and reminded him that we were interested in other items that he has for sale.
                                                          Suddenly, the Icon base topples... 
Kris responded, "Here's the issue I did not want to mention. All this stuff is at my moms house that I moved out of a few months back. Long story short, she's not being very nice with me about getting stuff out. So the less I have to go there, the better. 
So you let me know what you would like to do. I really want it all gone and you seem like the person that would appreciate it. Make me an offer for everything that I cannot refuse and you can have it all. Everything. "
I asked him to work on a list and then I could work on a bid.
He said he should be sending the Icons on Monday, Jan 13th.
Jan 16 - I emailed asking for an update on the Icons. - No response
Jan 20 - He sent me a list of all the items he still has for sale. We emailed back and forth for a few days so I could get some details and info on the HUGE list of items he wanted me to make an offer on. I told him I would work on an offer.
Jan 30 - I emailed, "Please go ahead and send the icons. I can not get John to consider the rest of the stuff until they arrive.
                                                              and the globe begins to fall. 
Feb 7 - I emailed, "Hi Kris,
Just checking on the status. I am really hoping to get the icons in soon.
Kim "
Feb 13 - I emailed, "Hi Kris,
Please let me know what is up. I really would like to give you an offer on the rest of your stuff, but I need to get in the icons. We have been very patient but I am very anxious to get the icons. Please let me know what you can.
Thanks so much!"

Feb 14, 18, 19, 22, 24, and 28 - More "Please Contact Me" emails


March 6 - I emailed, "Kris,
I have been beyond patient about all of this, but I REALLY need to hear something from you. I have texted, emailed, called... it has been over 5 weeks since you have responded. I understand if you are having money problems or whatever...but the lack of response is making me feel like you have blown me off.
If you are having a hard time and spent the shipping money that I paid in advance, I will send you more money for shipping I just want the Icons that I bought from you please.
PLEASE respond to this email. 
Thanks "
                                                          You keep the lamp from crashing... 

So, I had been working hard on trying to figure out a way to get Kris to respond to me and send the items I paid for. I even began to worry that something might have happened to him. I found his twitter page and his instagram photos that showed him posting images at least every other day, so I knew he was alive, at least. On his Facebook profile, it showed that he is an IT Administrator at a school. So, I called the school and asked for Kris Mock. They transferred me, but he did not pick up. I also Googled his phone number and found a VERY recent Craigslist listing in Richmond, VA.
March 14 - I emailed, "Hello. I am not giving up. I am really bummed that you have not responded to me, but I am not giving up on my Icons. It is very sad that you are doing this to me. I have been patient and nice. There is no reason to rip me off. Especially since I wanted to purchase several other things that you have. I was even working on buying everything that you have left to help you out. I do not think that there is anything wrong with John wanting to get in the rest of my previous purchase before starting another deal with you. Anyway, I have been trying very hard to work with you and all, but there is no reason for you to ignore me like this. 

I know that the number I have for Kris is a Google Voice number, so I looked into Google Voice. It took me a WHILE to figure it all out, but I set my phone up with Google Voice and gave myself a number with the Richmond, VA area code (that is where he lives.)

                                                                    but the power surges... 


March 15 - I responded to Kris in regards to a Craigslist ad that I found by Googling Kris' phone number. I used my Google Voice Phone number to text, "I saw your recent Craigslist ad for the Crucial SSD's. Please contact me."


He responded, "Ok. Were you interested?"


I replied, "Well, actually, I am VERY interested in finding out when you will be shipping the Icons that I bought from you. I am glad to know that you are alive and hope we can complete our transaction now."


He did not respond.


So...40 minutes later, I followed up with, "So, I guess you do not plan on responding. Just to let you know, my next step is to report you to PayPal. I will also file a report with your local authorities and request that they prosecute for theft and fraud. I will not just forget that I foolishly trusted you."

                                                                    and the globe explodes! 

Then Kris started texting my phone again, "So I sent you a text a week ago that I was in the hospital. I guess you didn't get that? Here's what I will do, I will refund the money for shipping that was for the icons since the icons were free. That way you can have your money back."


I replied, "No. I didn't get any texts or Emails since January 27th."


Kris, "Well that's why I wasn't responding. I will refund your shipping money tomorrow."


Me, "I do not want my money back, I just want the icons. I told you from the beginning that I was most interested in the icons."


Kris, "It's quicker to refund the money so I'm going to do that instead. That way you have it back and were good."


Me, "No. That was not our agreement"


Kris, "That's how I'm doing it for now so you are not out any money."


Me, "I have been very nice and patient. I have been begging for you to just respond. I even offered you even more extra shipping money"


Kris, "Tomorrow. It will be refunded."


Me, "No, I will be out money as I was not willing to pay 475 for the fantasias. I collect lavas. 

I am sorry to hear that you were in the hospital for so long. It has been over 6 weeks since I heard from you. I have not been asking for a refund, I have been asking for you to complete our transaction. I have been very nice and patient. I have been begging you to respond. Just yesterday I asked you again to please respond. 

The Icons were not free. They were part of our agreement. I told you that I was willing to pay 475 for the Icons, the Sunburst, the Centurion, and one other fantasia. A refund of the shipping I sent for the icons is not satisfactory. I paid for the 3 icons with globes and 3 fantasias. 

The sunburst has a burned out motor and I cannot use it until I replace the motor, but I have been nice about it. However a shipping refund is not adequate. My primary interest from the beginning was the icons. You only sent half of my order. If you are not willing to send the icons, then I would need a $300 refund.

Again, I have been very patient but since you would not respond to me, I began researching. I saw you posting your computer on Craigslist over a week ago, then on PandaHi 8 days ago, and then the Crucial drive on Craigslist 4 days ago. Since you still did not respond to me, I had to consider my options. If you are not willing to complete our original agreement or refund $300, then I will have to pursue the other options."

                                                  Now that's when the GOO really hits the fan! 

He did not respond. So, I sent this email...

"Dear Kristopher Eric Mock,

Since I have not heard back from you, I wanted to remind you of what we agreed on...
This attachment shows where I listed what I was paying for which was the 3 icons, the black sunburst, the centurion, and another boxed fantasia (that I would pick out when you sent the images.) You agreed to these terms and we had other discussions about how much I looked forward to receiving the 3 Icons that are shown on your Flickrpage here http://www.flickr.com/photos/79694484@N00/sets/72157623330580127/ . We also discussed which globes I wanted you to send with the Icons.
There are many texts and emails where you assure me that you are sending the Icons soon. I paid $475.00 for the 6 lamps on November 6th, I also paid $19.08 in fees so you would not have to pay the high fees that you said PayPal charges you because they have you listed as a business. Then on December 15th I sent $125.00 plus $3.93 (for you to avoid your business fees.) This was to cover the $56 you spent sending the Fantasias plus an extra $69 to cover the shipping of the Icons. 
I have been very patient and nice. I asked MANY times for you to please send the Icons. On November 8, I asked that you please send the Icons first because I wanted to have them for my birthday. On November 16th I asked if you had sent the lavas and the fantasias yet. You said they were boxed and going out Monday. On December 10th, when the boxes finally arrived, I was expecting all 6 lamps. However, I continued to be nice while waiting months for the rest of my purchases to arrive. 
Then, you quit replying to my emails and texts on January 27th. After 6 weeks of sending you Emails, texts and calling you with no response. I finally got a Google Voice number to get you to contact me. You did respond, because you did not know it was me. When I told you that it was me, you did not respond. So, I had to warn you that I was not going to give up. After I threatened to report you, you responded very rudely that you were going to refund my shipping for the Icons? The agreement was 3 Lava Icon Lamps and 3 Fantasia lamps. I held up my end of the deal and paid you everything in advance. I will not accept a refund of the shipping I sent you for the Icons as a completion of our business. We had a deal for 6 lamps and the Icons were the items that I wanted the most. If you will not send the Icons as promised (insured and packaged well to insure safe delivery) then I will report you to PayPal and report you for internet fraud. 
I have been researching you for weeks while begging you to contact me. I just want you to do the right thing and complete my order. I am not stupid. I do realize that you have been lying to me. Your Instagram photos prove that you could not have been in the Hospital all these weeks that I have begged you to contact me. You have been at bars, at work, out to eat...etc. The online ads that you placed to try to sell computer equipment on March 3, 5, 7, and 11th and the new Facebook photos that you posted last week, make it hard to believe that you were unable to contact me. All these things, along with the fact that I know you were at work last week, confirm that you been ignoring me. I doubt you would have responded at all had I not threatened to report you. 
It is sad that you did not just do what was promised and agreed upon. I think that I have been more than accommodating to you. I have waited over 5 months for you to deliver the items I paid for. I have spent countless hours sending messages, calling, waiting... You have caused me an extreme amount of stress and anxiety over a transaction that should have been very simple. I paid quickly and continued to be nice over 5 months of constantly being postponed or just completely ignored.
I do hope that you will respond to this message and either send my 3 Lava Icon lamps with the globes or refund my $300 immediately. I will not spend $600 to get a broken Sunburst, a Galaxy, and a Centurion with a rather ugly spray. I will however, invest as much time and money as necessary to follow through on this. 
Thank you,
Kim Shannon"
(BTW...He never gave me his full name, I got that from internet research.)
March 16 - Kris emailed, "Refund is coming in an hour. Were done after that. Especially after what you just revealed in this email. "
March 17 - I did not get a refund and emailed, 
"Hi. Just trying to get an update. I have not seen the $300 refund on PayPal yet.
In regards to what I "revealed in this email," I do not know what you expected me to do when you ignored me for 6 weeks. I have never made a transaction where I paid someone for something and still had not received it over 4 months later. 
I will be happy to receive the refund and be finished with this. However, I would have rather just received the items that I bought from you.
Then...believe it or not...Kris responded with,

"Apologize for your creepy, underhanded email and I will be happy to send your stuff. Anything else will result in a refund of what I told you, not what you "feel".   Don't test me. "

I desperately wanted to tell him that HE should be the one apologizing for lying, ignoring me, wasting my time, stressing me out, and obviously... trying to rip me off! However I really wanted to get my lamps and be done... so I sent,

"I am sorry that I resorted to researching you and that I sent you an email informing you of the information that I found on the internet. However, I did BEG you to respond to me for 6 weeks and I was patient and nice for 4 months. 

Please just go ahead and send the 3 Icons with their caps shown here ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/79694484@N00/4366032274/in/set-72157623330580127 ) and the globes that I requested so we can be done with this. I am sure the $69 I sent you will cover shipping and insurance. Please be sure to package it all well so that it arrives safely without being damaged so we can part ways. Believe me, I do not like being "creepy and underhanded."
Thank you,
Kim Shannon"


Kris responded,  "They will be sent out by weeks end. Tracking will be provided at that time. Thank you" 


March 20 - Kris sent a tracking number.


March 26 - The Icons arrived. Everything was as agreed on except I did not get the Mushroom Cap. In it's place, I received the original ceramic cap for a Peace Icon that had been broken and glued back together. It is VERY noticeably broken. I sent Kris an email requesting he send the Mushroom cap that he promised.


Kris called me to tell me that we must have had an error in our communication that was probably his fault. He said that he sold that Mushroom cap a couple of years ago. I think he called because he thought he could BS me better on the phone. I do not really believe him, since he has lied SO MANY TIMES. However, I have spent too much time on him and am just glad I finally got the Icons.
Anyway, I just wanted to share the twisted tale of "The Icon Nightmare." It has been a long haul... and is a very long story... but I hope it serves to inform, forewarn, and maybe slightly entertain those who share a bit of my twisted sense of humor. 
THANKS to everyone for their concern and the attempts to help me locate Kris!
I DEDICATE MY LONG, ODD TALE TO ERIN! I appreciate your friendship, support, help, and the BEAUTIFUL ICON base that you sent to me. It was a generous gift from the heart that I cherish! I will keep this beautiful base that you sent to me. I mean, it is in perfect condition (unlike the one Kris sent...lol!) However, the real reason that I am keeping your base is that it will always remind me of a kind hearted person and friend! Thanks again!!

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LOL is that what that was? I never looked at it that closely! 

Mattmos said:

I wouldn't trust anyone with an avatar of a monkey jerking off a banana. 


It's actually on the movie "Super Troopers." It's the logo on the seized Mary Jane they find. The logo in the movie is a little more graphic, if you know what I mean. The banana isn't actually a banana.

Erin said:

LOL is that what that was? I never looked at it that closely! 

Mattmos said:

I wouldn't trust anyone with an avatar of a monkey jerking off a banana. 


Ouch. Very, very sad. I purchased from Kris and spoke with him several times, and never had problems. It sounds as though - if his comments about his mom are true - a situation went south and he got all discombobulated. Or maybe he just turned into a jerk. I'd like to believe the former.

Glad you got your lamps.

Kim- thank you for sharing this with us. I collect glitter graphics lamps and was trying to reach him.  Had you not stepped in to inform me of this crook.  I would probably be going through the same crap you had to deal with.

Many-many thanks.


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