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I am sunbleaching a clear red globe. I was wondering if anyone has tried this.I'm thinking that if it is phosphates in there that the sun might bleach it like it would a swimmimg pool.

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Aparently it does work but it takes time and a lot of light - Dr what has tryed it so contact him for more info on it.
I sunbleached one lamp and made it clear and changed the color. I have a cloudy century and tried to bleach out the cloudiness and it didn't work
Yep, done it many times. Take a look at my Fading & Recoloring Globes album. Works best in direct sunlight, summer prefered. I place them on my deck & leave them for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes, depending on color, it only takes a few days.
If your trying to fade a red/clear that's leaked red into the fluid you may or may not be successful. I've tried to fade the same globe and it never really cleared up, it did a tad but it went back after running it. But other globes I've faded completely using the sun no problem. Globes like the red, black that will leaked wax dye into the fluid, are the ones that will give you issues.
2-3 weeks? i put a 52 oz yellow purple out and it was dark purple and in 3 or 4 days it was clear. Where do you live?
Kentucky, but I was working on 250 oz. 52's & 32's only take a few days.

Has anyone tried a blacklight on a foggy lamp?



I've seen them under a blacklight  and they usually look worse. But you bring up a interesting point. I used to have a red/black 52 oz. next to my UV grande and it always seemed to lose the red in the fluid. I just thought it was cheap dye, but come to think of it the UV bulb may have been the problem.
it does work and works well, i had a standard red wax violet fluid lunar bottle, couple of months on the window sill and i now have a red wax and clear fluid, just takes a bit of time
If I had a cloudy clear red lamp, would a UV light bleach out the bad fluid until it was clear again?

I have a Grande with Blue liquid with a UV bulb and it turned clear after about 40 hours of use.


What about the wax?

Did it cleared too with UV lamp?

Does it fade too under the sun?

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