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In a life of a lamp collector, there are great moments, but there are big disappointments too.

The worst is when a lamp arrive broken.

What you're expected is useless, and you lost some money.

This morning, I received 2 broken bottles in the same packaging :-(

So after the Hunter I saved, and a Cosmos bottle, the count for me is 4 broken bottles.

How many broken bottles did your get in your life of a lamp collector?

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I have a total of 5 broken ones. Some done while packing. Some during shipment. I can understand both though. Its a risk we take.

no broken globes, but i did receive a 52oz with a cracked cap.  the seller taped the globe to the base by wrapping a ton of packing tape around it.  i almost fell out when i opened the box.  eBay...

Never one yet.... Not even from ebay uk. Ive been very very lucky? Now watch next lamp i get will be broken....and my next is the colossus :-!

None broken but have received a couple that leaked. I always email seller "suggested" instructions on how to pack. Usually collectors know but some sellers on eBay and Craigslist haven't a clue. Most all of mine have arrived safe and sound.

My clear/red midnight leaked during shipping...enough to where it kinda ruined it. :(

Two so far I think.  Red marbleized arrived in a box that had been accordioned.  The globe and cap made it, but the base was beyond repair.  2nd was a Link'd glitter lamp.  Never good to find a box on your doorstep sitting in a puddle and that was the case here - one globe was shattered.

I remember a couple years ago I ordered a Gold Century from 1998 with a bottle cap globe.  Couldn't wait.  The base arrived completely dented and the globe was completely cloudy.  That was about 6 years ago and to this day the lamp is still cloudy.

I also had a Blue/White Midnight Century blue/white arrived damaged.  Things got very ugly with that eBay seller.  I have never had any problems with 32oz globes though.

Important rule for shipping lava lamps...NEVER ship or let anyone ship you two globes/bottles in the same package! You are asking for a disaster. It's worth the double shipping charge to have them packed separately. Of course if you are buying new lamps or used ones in their original tubes or boxes this rule does not apply. I like to collect old Century 52 oz. lamps and for the most part they don't have their original boxes anymore. So mega tight packing with newspaper, bubble wrap, etc is the ticket with them because they are heavy. I have only had one breakage on these which was because good ol' UPS decided to do a "Domestic Customs" check(ever hear of this?) and opened the box. Then the boob who inspected it dropped the bottle and broke it! I got refunded but a beautiful Century lamp was lost! Sometimes I wonder if the breakage story was made up and the manager actually has my Century flowing away on his friggin' desk!! Who knows right?

I received a glitter lamp from France with about 1/2 of the liquid missing after it shipped. That stuff is TOXIC.

I've also received a handful of dented Lava Lite bases - those things have such thin metal. 

No broken globes... yet.

I have 3 ultra cloudy Grandes... I count them as "broken". Sonic Electronics refused to do anything about them.

As for other lamps...I have a couple or broken Fantasias and just got a broken Crestworth Galaxy today with a cracked dome...so sad for such a beautiful lamp.  Seller just dumped it in a box and didn't even remove the spray, motor bounced around in the box and crushed everything.

Arne, on this site, sent me a broken wave and then shafted me for any type of refund (so far).

Some sellers just dont care about the lamps or people, they just want the money.  I like that some people on this site try to warm each other about unethical people.,,,make it feel like a family.

Nothing broken yet, but a couple dented bases and one leaky Consort.  I'm now confirming how they'll ship it prior to purchase.  It's a mixed bag.  Some sellers know lava lamps and do a great job of packing.  Other sellers don't.  Like anything, I'm learning along the way.

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