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Anyone see this?


I have messaged them telling them what they are doing is misleading, but their response was "the grande and the 20oz lamp look identical" and "lots of places sell 20oz lamps for $50" to which I cry BULL CRAP.

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Wait...didn't Autumn already have a run-in with these people?

They are trying to make people think they're getting a good deal on a grande, but what they're really getting is a lousy deal on a 20oz lamp. Walmart sells these for $10-$15 each, fer cryin out loud!

"Massive 14' Inch Lava Lite Lamp"

sounds big small ;)

And the seller name is honesttrue, lmfao!

HONEST TRUE description! RARE!

This guy is such a scumbag, i just had a back and forth messaging with him and hes so sure theres nothing wrong. Well hes not gonna make money, all items will just get returned as a misleading listing.

So rare u can buy them at every Wal-Mart! That's hardcore rare!

NVM, he fixed it. :p

It still says "HUGE" and "massive", but at least the picture is a 20oz lamp now.

LOL! I gave him an earful, he came back to try to threaten me saying eBay is monitoring messages. I said fine, I don't care if my account with 30 feedback gets deleted, I got nothing to lose, but you as a seller have alot more to lose, just play nice. And apparently he changed the pic lmfao!

I have asked him a few questions now too, like if it is the lamp I would be buying since so many are cloudy and asking why I can get a bigger lamp at Spencer gifts for 19.99

LOL! Give 'em hell, people.

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