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Too good to be true me thinks. The price is very high too.
it looks a fake, old late crestworth early mathmos jet box, the bottle i would have thought would be the white bakalite screw top, the telstars were done in purple,gold, blue, silver, and there was a gun grey version, this is soooo iffy. jets back then were in matt silver and copper then came black, 

Crestworth Limited said:

Plus stickers are wrong in base, they are modern, looks like they came from a plastic Jet, easy to peel off plastic...lol..... should be like this...Maybe...But who knows, it could be a later release, someone on here owns a Black Phantomlite, only ever seen one of them, the box does give options for many colour finishes...So make up your own mind on this one me thinks...


Here's another one that flooksta is selling http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CRESTWORTH-MATHMOS-COMET-LAVA-LAMP-BLUE-BLUE-...


I don't understand his listing when he says the base and top have been sprayed, I take it he means that he's sprayed them and not Mathmos, not very clear. That or I'm thick...................could be that lol.

I Cant believe that Mathmos employees dont even know about the blue and pink one. There was 100% a gold one as there are pics of Mr. Craven Walker showing him next to a gold telstar. I'd say the option black on the box of the black telstar is only there because of the fact that it was used for Astros and jets too as it sais on top.
I'm embarrassed for them. Perhaps some of us should work for their archives and product records section!

Richard said:
I even emailed mathmos to see if they knew anything about it and this was there reply:

Mathmos have never produced black telstar, or blue/violet/gold either.
Sorry if this is not the news you wanted to hear. All of our products
have our stamp on them as well if you ever want to check.

Nice to know the staff don't have much/no background knowledge on past lamps.

I'm going to ask the two of you to take the rest of the personal attcks off the site.

Handle it directly with one another.

Discussion of authenticity is open, but when they start bordering on personal attacks it forces me to step in and close the discussion.

I know there are personally engineered lamps. Either by the manufacture or afterwards. 

I have some mathmos products and some prototype lavaworld products. I've seen all sorts over the years.

Stick to the facts and leave out the attacks.

They will say what they say, no matter what. 

Since I do not know the authenticity of all the products, I cannot make a judgement one way or another.

I would be happy to own some of these "highly collectable" styled lamps. Others choose to refrain, that is thier choice.

I should have nipped this in the bud earlier, I'm late to this thread. 

In respect to all members, I'll leave this in place rather then removing it outright.

Civil debate about the product itself is open for discussion, but if it deviates to a persons character I have to stop it.

I need to keep the heated personal attacks off the forum. 

Feel free to bring it up to the moderators attention should this get out of hand. 


Rob said:


People are spreading lies about me here. What I sell is authentic and original.
what is a fake??????? if repainted or anodised then i wouldnt class as a original, if the old bottle has been refilled i wouldnt class as fake as im sure most people would prefer buying a unclouded bottle than a naff hadit bottle,

I'm going to respectfully request to keep this thread on topic as to the specific lamp in question.

History, details and facts. There seemed to be many interesting points to the box, stickers, etc,etc.

Further deviations will be pruned to keep the context condensed. 

So we learned this was purchased at a car boot and there is a history that we cannot track.

To make this fun (and without any attacks or personal references please) if this lamp were priced at rock bottom price.

What would you bid for it, fact of the matter is, it looks nice.

So what would you bid if it started at .99 ?

Let me also add, this thread has caused quite a heated debate and if y'all want it removed, then please vote for removal.
I say leave it in place.  I have learned a lot about genuine products by comparing them to fakes.  Actually, OG has a lot of info on how to modify lava lamps, as such OG also bears a responsibility to allow discussion on how to determine real from fake, as long as that discussion stays to facts about the product and not about personal differences.



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