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Broken globe on torchiere floor lamp! Please help me find a suitable replacement!

Greetings everyone!  (This is my first post)

I have a torchiere floor lamp that I got from Walmart a few years ago and absolutely love it.  It's the same model as this one:

(picture credit goes to "Mr MaGoo" https://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/torchiere-floor-lamp?context=user)

I'll spare you the story of how it happened, but the top of my globe is now broken and I need to find a replacement.  It doesn't have to be the same model or even functional (I can gookit it), just as long as it fits.  I also don't mind if the replacement globe flares out on the sides, as long as it sits securely in the socket.  Fitting into the decorative plastic top cone would be a plus, but is not essential.  One more important note: it's not shown in the pictures, but there is a metal arm that holds up the top portion of the lamp, so the globe is not structural to the torchiere.

Here are the measurements of the original globe:

-Width of base:  2 and 7/8 inches / 7.3 cm

-Depth of the lamp "socket" that holds it above the bulb: 5/8 inches / 1.5 cm

-Height of globe (including beer bottle-style cap, but not the outer metal cap or decorative cone): 10.5 inches / 26.7 cm

Any ideas?  Is there another, more common model of lava lamp with a globe that would be compatible?

Would a wine bottle work?  It seems to be a fairly common bottle diameter and I've found a couple that might fit, but they would have less capacity than the original and I'm not sure if they're up to the temperature stress.



Here's another of Mr MaGoo's pictures showing the shape of the globe:

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Yea it sounds like you might need a dimmer if 40 watts is too hot, 25 was too cold, and it wouldn't flow.  Probablhy need around 30/35 watts, which an inline dimmer could achieve.

Honestly thought I think its just a case of a globe not cleaned well enough at the factory and crappy wax.  This was what my 1st one did that I took back.  The 2nd one hasn't done it yet...but I only run it once every few months and only for a few hours.

 I would just wait to open it until you're ready to kit it...b/c once you open it it's not worth the effort of cleaning that all up, then putting that crappy wax back in which will probably do the same thing again. 

I didn't know there was a bottle cap under that aluminum one...good to know in case I end up wanting or having to kit mine.  

Great advice, thank you. I've also noticed the globe does have threads at the top for a cap. Wonder if I can find a cap that would twist on and seal it. Just curiosity. 

Am sure it is possible.  Just a matter of the trial and error finding a cap.

So, I decided to take the cap off. small problem.. The inside seal is split down the center just like all our backsides.

Other then plastic wrap, any suggestions???

Can not see the pics :(


Mr MaGoo said:

Can not see the pics :(


Ok, so my simple fix on the bottle cap replacement is to go buy a bottled soda that generally has the same top, Open with care just like I did with this cap hope it has a thick seal on the inside like the previous one. Boil and carefully air dry to avoid any contamination. And pray it works. ??

I just want to show off my lamp with the black light above it. 



So, I added silver sharpie to the wax... And it's beginning to mix in. Here is some pics.

Waiting on pics!

The pics. the cap is my new one and my new label I guess. 


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