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Contest: who has the most cloudy astro metallic? The winner will have a crysal clear one soon.

the pic of the most cloudy astro metallic will be rewarded with a crystal clear master fluid refill...inside germany including p+p...outside germany I'll have to charge for postage, sorry.

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Dang I don't even have one mathmos let alone a cloudy one :(

Would my Crestworth count, it is from across the pond. :)

If the contents are from the same astro metallics I'm referring to yes. which colour is it? The ones I'm talking about are ones from2000 or 2002 which came in red, purple and green. If you show me the bottom of the bottle and it does have the typical silvery dust which settles when cold I'm convinced but from what I see it could as well be the fluid from a can of sausages in a crestworth outfit ;)

If you look real hard and stare long enough at it, I am sure you will be able to see the metallic lava!  Kind of like looking in the sun! :P

hmmmnope...two hours spent staring but no lava visible to me...I do see a sausage though :)
I have a purple Astro metallic which I scored for a crazy bargain price some years back. It wouldn't count as it is as clear as day!

I'm sad to say but you clearly didnt win this thing ;)

Mmh, I'm afraid this won't count, cause it's not Mathmos, only three "liquid metal motion lamps".

I'd be happy if I'd had a Mathmos metallic, but they are far too expensive for me. So I bought these three, planing to transfer the contents into Astrobaby bottles. All looked nice on the photos, all arrived cloudy - the transport fucked the lamps :-(

The sellers (three different ones) all swear the lamps were clear when sended, and their photos support this. But the metallic lava seems to be very sensitive regarding shaking etc

Well, I have to change the liquid. But the problem is: The density is much higher than Propylene glycol's 1,04, it's somewhere around 1,08. That means even pure glykol isn't thick enough, so what to do?

Maybe a mixture of Glykol and Glycerine (1,26)? I'm going to try this mix, but am afraid to destroy the wax...

How I c can add a pic to this diskussion?
Astro metallic red cloudy!:-(

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