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Crestworth Cosmos (export, pedestal) variations

Well I know there are at least three different models
1. the prototype from the early pics with no rim (wazzer has/had it)
2. two part base with the rod attached to the lower roud part (uk version)
3. three part base with chromed base part and chromed lower part but the rod has no chroming (export version and most common)
well my question would be: has anybody seen a three part version with chromed rod? because I am almost sure I saw one on a pic and also that one seemed to have a deco line below the rim just like the short caps used to have in the middle...I will try to get detail pics and i have no idea if anyone is interested in this kind of production history crap but I find this very interesting and would love to get more infos on that.

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Did you just bought this one from your pic?

I was on it, but it went to expensive for me :-(

yes, I was too tempted not to...just too interesting! sorry if you wanted it.

No problem, I'm glad I was outbidded (by far!) by someone here.

And I didn't even notice what you describe above.

It was just a regular Blue Cosmos for me :-)

wazzer still got the pic of the proto looking type, im not sure of a deco line on the base parts, ive not seen any with one, i persumed all 3 part base types were all anodised including the stem section, which would make the wiring part alot easier to do, it was  a night mare on my u.k version .

Also wether anyone has noticed on a "lava lamp" history website, "cosmos" as commonly called is actuly really called nordic, from whati can gather "cosmos" on the old french broucher is referring to "glitterlite" contents,

heyJohnny, long time no see, are you collecting again? never saw this picture but I dont visit certain lava related sites anymore. funny that there was actually a lamp called princess. I think i saw a promo pic of it once but never knew it had a name. so basicly every second lamp is called nordic, huh?! :)
Cant wait to get the nordic then...and I'm still looking for a two part model...never saw one for sale so far. Oh how I would have loved to buy some of your lamps when you quit back then...too bad they all went where they went...at least the rare ones.
anyway, thanks a lot for the info!!I hope you're well!

hi Arne, im good thansk , im not collecting i got one of each of the main lamps and the "princess - rocket " floor lamp still, i just stumbled on this pic and thought wow that answers questions.

ive seen "princess" above on ebay few years back and it went cheap as everyone thought it was a mishmash made up lamp Bugger !!!!!,

as for nordic - yep all seem to be nordics aka above  and cone base, then the living jewl nordic deluxe, far as im aware the flared telstar is just called a telstar.


Hi all, Wazzer here.

I've still got the Prototype Cosmos.

It's still in a box somewhere after the house move in summer 2011, lol.

I keep buying them too much to the wifes annoyance.

It's worth keep buying them if only for that reason, lol.

got the nordic/cosmos today. it really is another version i haven't seen yet. all three parts chromed and the deco line I metioned is deffo not a scratch or so...its supposed to be there on this one or it was a strange production mistake...I like it though:)

id like to see a pic if poss please :-) 

uploaded some :)

cheers , just looked very cool collection, my first thoughts on the base line bit is from manufactoring when there spun in to shape, but then ive not seen it on others so cant say for sure if its ment to be there or not :-/

yes it might have been just a mistake while spinning but since it also has the chromed stem which I also havent seen on a 3 part base before I assume there might have been an early design (I really wonder why all the 3 part bases have unchromed stem sections)...maybe...or its all just a coincidence:) oh no wait, its a proto...ueber rare...anybody interested? only 499squid:)

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