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Just a heads up to collectors, this month marks the 60th anniversary of Crestworth/ Mathmos, and to mark the occasion Mathmos recently announced there would be 5 ‘collaboration’ lamps designed with recognised names in fashion, music, etc. in a limited edition of 600 for each lamp, with the first due to ‘drop’ from mid-day tomorrow and another lamp each week thereafter.

Unfortunately this seems a bit of a ‘fleecing’ at £130 per lamp, also since it doesn’t seem we will get to see the lamps ahead of time and I doubt many have deep enough pockets to buy every lamp it might be difficult to know when to ‘bite’. it would be pretty galling to buy the first lamp, only for a much better one to come along later, by which point you have overspent, or holding out for a better lamp only to be disappointed.

Anyway, link:


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 I'm surprised this one sold out that fast. 

No harm in passing one ones that don’t do it for you. I'm the same, I only buy the ones I like, no point of just getting them for the sake of it. 

lampfancy said:

Well, that was fast… sold out in a matter of hours, not for me though, leaves me a bit cold.

Starting to look like I might end up passing on the whole thing, which is kind of a shame but then I’m not one to rush to buy special editions just for the sake of it when they don’t particularly do anything for me, not that I have deep enough pockets anyway.

Maybe they’re saving the best for last…

Passing on the last one, looks pretty boring and just a regular bottle. 

New one is up and it's a pass from me, it's interesting but not £130 interesting, even the bottle is just a bog standard colourway.  Dont fancy paying an extra 50 for a few squiggles on a base:

"Our final limited edition 60th birthday Astro lava lamp is with multi-disciplinary designer Camille Walala. She is known for her ambitious, large-scale, and explosively colourful interventions in public spaces and designs for interiors, products, buildings, sculpture, and fashion. Camille has chosen bestselling colourways, violet and red for the lava and matt black for the base and cap. Bold, etched lines into the black aluminium add a monochrome pattern to the classic form with the Walala logo on top of the cap. More about Camille Walala here.  "

I actually thought there were six, guess I was wrong!

Given the fact they seemingly have a laser etching machine I kinda expected a whole lot more from these special edition lamps.  Hey ho.

A part of me wonders if they had a special bottle but they had too many issues with the ones sent out already so they've swapped it out for a standard one...

Paul said:

Passing on the last one, looks pretty boring and just a regular bottle. 

As an aside, my blue Rankin edition just arrived and I have to say that I love it.

I'll take pictures at some point, I've literally just plugged it in lol.  The "aquamarine" wax is like a more greeny version of the turquoise, it's just sitting at the bottom of the lamp at the minute but it's gorgeous so far, can't wait to see it in action :)

I REALLY wish they'd let us purchase an extra bottle of this when we buy the lamp :(

Maybe they were having trouble with the bottle coatings but they could have at least given a unique colour for the last one. Easy pass for me either way.

My Rankin arrived today also but its seems to have been manufactured by a blind person. I have another arriving tomorrow so will see how that is.

What confused me with the bottle colour originally is they have put the wax first. Its blue liquid and pale green wax but the box says green/blue :-/.  

When I asked aboutva second bottle the answer was: " We dont have information about the purchase of a second rankin bottle at this time." Well....I dont have information about ever ordering their crap again...

The Rankin one looks great with the Violet / Turquoise, the Blue / Blue and the  Clear / Turquoise bottles.

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