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I have three GooKit'd lamps - all 32 oz. None of them are sealed all the way. I've had them in my basement for the past 2-3 months. I noticed a big black fuzzy blob in my red/white not long after I put it downstairs. It has a Wizard cap on it, but no bottlecap. The size of the black fuzz is about the size of a walnut.


I picked up my green/red and noticed that it has a film of something floating just about the wax. Looks like it will fuzz up in time, too. This one has a bottlecap on it, but it's not sealed well.


Anyone else seen this before? Is this because I don't have my bottles sealed? My remaining blue/green is the last one I did and it's clear - no fuzz at all.

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I've done 3 grandes, and so far so good.  Got any pics or the fuzz in question?

I do!



It looks like the lava coughed up a furr ball.  I haven't had that happen to mine either.  All mine are resealed and flowing beautifully, knock on wood.  If the furr ball is just on top, try changing the water maybe?

Erin said:

I do!



I used distilled water and followed the GooKit instructions 100%. Bottle was totally clean. There is no hair in the lamps. It looks just like mold. The stuff in the red lamp is black and it keeps growing.


I have birds, but they are upstairs. And even though they aren't sealed, there is a bottlecap and cap on one and a Wizard cap on another. So they are not totally open, per se.


I'm confused!

Its definitely mold growing, my best guess would be bad water. My Grande gookit is still not sealed after 2 months and I did not notice anything in it but I do run it quite often. My other gookits are all capped but I checked them too and they are all fine. I know I have one or two bottles that were not ran for maybe a month but they all look clear. Im using my own RO water and test its quality because it goes into my fish tank, RO water is the purest water you can get (lab quality). I have found through testing that bottled water is not always good quality, each brand varies in the amount of minerals/contaminates and is always higher than my own RO water. Odd that mold is growing though as it does need some other component besides plain water to bloom but if the water was contaminated somehow it is possible.
Mold can’t grow under water because mold requires oxygen to grow. Whatever it is required some source of organic matter to grow that was either introduced by you or was in the GooKit material. You could always put it on eBay as a Vintage Chia Lava Lamp. Seriously, scrape that junk off and start cycling the bottles and see if the problem is corrected. You have a Lava Lamp science project on your hands!
LOL true! I bet it's worth something!

Dr. WHAT?! said:
lol Erin you got yourself a reversed faux lamp!!

Here's a better pic of the green/red. These are going to have to be tossed. :(

i have in a few watered down glitter bottles some funny looking mouldy globy stuff, also had it when ive used food colouring ive shaken it and it disapears but reforms after a few uses again

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