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Hi everybody!

I'm an artist, I just started collecting lava lamps, and just joined! I actually wouldn't really say I'm a serious collector, but I do love lava lamps, and have a few of them...or I will.

I've always loved them, but it wasn't until fairly recently that I actually owned one, a $10 job from Wal-Mart with blue water and yellow wax. It worked great...until the yellw wax became discolored, and the flow stopped completely. :( Then I looked into homemade mods. :)

This is what that lamp looks like now:

All ready to go! I also bought a quart of goo from magma tower, and I have various ways of coloring it. I can't wait to get started!

Here's another lamp of mine, an orange lava glitter lamp (I didn't have any idea how scarce these were at the time, I just love transparent or shiny orange so I wanted this one):

Apparently they had one left, and I got it. :) Trying to find another one like it has proven impossible.

Also, I just recently won these auctions:

- A lot of three lava lites from 1996:

I got those for $15 apiece. :) I mainly wanted the orange one, but I like both of the other colors a lot. I feel like I got an excellent deal on that!

I also won this oozy glo tower for $10 :)

There is some damage, but I mainly plan to mod it anyway.

Those are some good deals, but...I paid way too much for this:

It's an orange elec-trick from 91, I think? It's not even the original run, but I wound up paying $67 anyway. I just had to have it. All the others sold from that line by this seller went for 30 bucks apiece...but the one that I wanted. LOL!

None of those are actually here yet though. I won them and paid for them, but I'm waiting on shipping. I'm so excited!!

Well that's all for me for a little while!

Good to meet all of you!

[EDIT] I also just bought one of these.

I can't believe I found one new finally! And now I am DONE for a while. LOL! Tax check is gone. :p

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I agree 100%.

Tim Gill said:

 Save your time and money and try getting a Mathmos one or USA one such as the orange electric.

You know what? **** that new Chinese lamp. *breaks it*.

I love my orange/white from 96, and I would still like another one of those, and I'd die for a mathmos.

At this point, as far as orange lamps go, I have:

- 1 orange/white 32oz lavalite (1996)

- 1 clear/orange 32oz elec-trick (1991)

- 1 20oz lavalite glitter lamp (2005)

- 1 8oz lavalite glitter lamp (2004)

- 1 custom clear/orange 20oz made from an MT kit

Next on the agenda:

- 1 or 2 living jewels

- 1 or 2 cosmic windows

- 1 more 20oz glitter

- 1 more 8oz glitter

- ANY OTHER SIZE glitter

- 1 more 32oz orange/white

- 1-2 mathmos jets

And that's just the orange things. Look for the glow from my orange room to be featured on google earth soon.

...well, I don't know if "soon" is the best word...

Come on Mark think big..how bout a 52 oz glitter or better yet, a 250 oz glitter..you will be in heaven!

Now that you mention it...I saw a grande glitter for only 50 bucks, new...but it was blue. :( I'd love to have a blue one in that size, but money/space constraints and all. If I could find an orange one in that size, though...wow.

And I don't mean to rant, but I feel one coming on. fair warning. :p

I'm just not happy with these Chinese made lavalite glitter lamps. :( First of all, in the 20oz, no matter what it might look like in pictures, in person it's very golden/amberish...not a true, hi-saturation orange. I can live with that, especially since the flow of that bottle is fairly sound. However...if you were thinking of purchasing a 10" accent glitter lamp made in China, think again. At first I was impressed by the color. It has a much stronger, brighter orange color. But after letting it sit on the shelf overnight for the first time last night, and then turning it on about an hour ago, I found that the globe is totally devoid of glitter. It's all up at the top! A glitter lamp is designed to lift the glitter, which is denser than the oil, with a cycling current of heat. However, it can't pull down that glitter on the down cycle when the glitter wants to float. It doesn't work that way. You have to shake the bottle.

You read that correctly...you have to physically shake the bottle to get it going initially. Isn't that lame? It was made only 1 year before the 20oz, but it's a totally different oil and glitter.  Not only that, but you can't pop the cap off. It's made so that it can't be removed...at least I don't see how. And I was thinking of buying another of each of these?

Did lavalite make orange glitter lamps before outsourcing everything?

I'm tempted to get that grande glitter lamp in blue, and mod it. I've seen how freaking gorgeous a grande glitter is. They don't have a jetstream, it's more like a billowing column of glitter in the middle. I would probably have a heart attack if I saw one in orange.

My Opel fluidum glitter will end up with glitter at either the top or bottom of a cycle.  Usually, now that I have been running it more..the glitter will sit on bottom then come up through the heat column.  I can also shake it up to start it and get more of a shimmer effect with the tiny tiny bubbles now with the glitter moving around, personal choice, I guess.  I have a cheap china glitter..M&M lamp and glitter sits on top then comes down when heated.

I have 6 different glitter lamps, all of mine either settle to the top or bottom, I only have one that does not settle and that is simply due to the glitter being in a very thick fluid.

Well it's not so much the direction the glitter settles that bugs me, it's 2 things. First, consistency. It kinda bugs me that different sizes of the same color lamp by the same company are so different, and secondly, at least in this bottle, the glitter sits at the top in a ring. you can see where the jetstream is cycling in the center, but the glitter is not involved in the whole process. I let it run for over an hour, and I saw maybe 3-4 flakes fall.

Sorry, didn't mean to go off there. I know it's not that big a deal, but it just kinda irked me a little.

I prefer the classic diamond shape lamps too and color is very important factor.  (my preference of color not say the rarity of a certain color) My lamps/shapes/colors have to be "balanced".  Like a work of art! : )
Mark Hand said:

Well, I like the older ones simply because they are old, but I'm really really picky about particular aesthetics. This is 100% opinion, keep that in mind, but I can't stand very many styles of lamp. I appreciate the variety, and enjoy seeing all of the different kinds and variants, but as far as owning them...I only like columnar and classic diamond-shaped lamps, with few exceptions, I don't like bullets, rockets, twisted bottles, wavy bottles, fluidiums, etc.

I really do like the mathmos jet's style, and the orange ones I've seen do indeed look fantastic. I'd love one with a black body and orange glitter, if I could find one. But again, the cylindrical shape is very appealing to me.

Although I'm not a big fan of brass, the steampunk look of some of the classic vintage lamps like the imperial (which also came in orange) looks like it came out of HG Wells' Time Machine. I don't dare even contemplate trying to phenagle one of those though.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Oh, and I don't mean to say that collecting lava lamps is bad or anything, rock on. I just didn't really think I could count myself among the ranks of some of the people here, after seeing some of their collections!

I so agree. Sometimes though, your favorite just happens to be rare also. :) Those times are really cool.

...unless you haven't found it yet, I mean.

Yes that would be cool rare/favorite : )  They all have such a different flow personality also which is important to the look you want to create with your lamps.  I need balance.

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