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How bad is a bad idea? (aka running a lamp in hot temperatures)

Long time since I’ve been around here... I’ve been the proud owner of a ‘92 pink/pink Lava Lite for just about two years now, and I thought it would be fun to put it out for a 1970s themed party I’m hosting. However, the party will be outside, with temperatures in the mid- or possibly high 80s. I’ve heard that running a lamp in a room that’s too hot will cause it to overheat in the future (though I’ve run it in an 80 degree room a couple times in the past, with seemingly no ill effects). I’d have the lava lamp under a covered patio so at least it’s not in the sun, and would have it on for 4 hours at most. Are these conditions to be avoided at all costs, or will it be okay as long as I keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t overheat?

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You will just need to keep an eye on it and turn it off if it gets too hot.  Or use a dimmer and dial it down after a couple of hours.

Why in "too hot" lava it is floating and in "way too hot" it is on the bottom?

The liquid eventually heats up to the point that the wax is no longer bouyant.

Zapiao said:

Why in "too hot" lava it is floating and in "way too hot" it is on the bottom?

Another point to consider, if it is breezy the lamp may not heat up properly for good flow.  You might have to protect it from wind in that case.

Thanks everyone for the input. Took a little longer than usual for the lamp to warm up though I did my best to shelter it from the breeze, but otherwise it ran beautifully. 

Come on Seven we need pictorial proof that it ran successfully!  Bring on the pics!

Ty, MaGoo!

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