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This base doesn't work, and I've changed the fuse and bulb, and checked the switch so figure a wire must be dislodged.

Can anyone advise on how to get into it?

On similar lamps I've just knocked the plastic base out gently by pushing down with a wooden spoon handle, but this one appears to be stuck fast?


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Just needed a firmer tap on the outer edge via the inside and it popped out.

normaly them bases fall out easy, you could put a duster cloth or something like that scrunched up and then tap a bit harder going around the inner base on the Bakelite part, wouldnt recommend getting a screw driver on the outside it end up damaging it

All good now!

cool soz i didnt notice your earlier post, im guessing the new shaped astro bottles sit ok on this style base? i have the early astro and lantern, the new bottles dont sit on the bases, such a gap round the edge and so wobberly, thankfully over the years of upgrading bases i kept orig bottles and refilled em :-)

This was a 90's bottle I think, and fits perfectly. I know what you mean about the new ones though, as also have a wobbly lantern!

Something to note is that on my circa 1973 lamp, the hexagonal nut that holds the actual lamp holder in place is fixed to its opposing part by a tiny locking screw, which you need to release before you can unscrew the nut. Maybe later lamps had a more typical second nut to hold the first in place.

Any pics of base totally apart so we can visualize what you are saying?  Thanks

Mr MaGoo, you're absolutely right.

I've now reassembled the lamp with a screw-type fitting (I live in Italy and bayonet bulbs are extremely awkward to get hold of). But the third pic at the top of this thread shows the bulb holder in place. Then in my pics you see the holder with collar still fitted. Unscrew the collar and you can then remove the metal bayonet holder (it will still be attached to the wires when on the lamp, but there's enough play to pull it clear. Then you can see the locking screw that has to be removed (or almost removed, if you want to avoid the fiddle of getting it back in again). This screws through to the locking nut on the other side of the base. You can't remove that nut until this screw is released.

As I say, this seems an overly fiddly bit if manufacturing so I wouldn't be surprised if a different method was used on subsequent models.


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