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Just got my first vintage lamp.. and the ebay seller was deceiving the top is cracked..

I just got my first ever vintage lamp its one of those gold lamps with the holes in it and paid $77 for it in auction on ebay..  Its a 52oz bottle, red tint to the liquid and red wax..  Dated 1977 under the cap..  And thats the thing, as i took it out of the packaging and looked for the date on the cap thats when i noticed it was cracked from point A to B but more in the back.

They packaged this thing great,, wrapped it in a plastic bag first, then 3 layers of bubble wrap, and it was laying inside 2 inch thick foam padding..  So i dont think it did this during shipping unless the cold weather outside did it ? 

The picture they took of the top was blurry and of a slight angle from the side..  I just took the same picture using my phone and sure enough you cant see the crack that way but if you tilt it up further the crack shows..

Im very very irritated with this, it doesnt leak so thats good, but seriously..  I wouldnt have bid on it and especially bought it at near 80$ with a damn crack

First picture is there picture

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Its doing it where its very cool litterally within an hour of it being on.  Its still solid/liquid state if that makes sense..  I measured it with infarred therm and its only 100f

Ill snap a pic ina sec

Yea mine has like 300 mini air bubbles in the glass.. but honestly i like that it makes it look like the stars at night

Here is the link to the lamp i bought, already has all the pics you need.  See the little pencil tip blobs it does this when its just starting to flow..  Im not complaining, it flows nicely i think and had no liquid bubbles in the wax at all


Are these the bubbles you are talking about?  Are these fixed to the side of the globe, do they move or go away?

Pic pulled from your lamp's ebay ad.


Lets us know. 


they float up and down and when the lamp cools down when i turn it off they all go back with the main blob abd are gone.  Nothing sticks to the glass in this laml.. cept that cloudy film on it.

And the ciggaret smell im trying to figure how to get out

Per Ebay - since ITEM WAS NOT AS DESCRIBED or MENTIONED in the ORIGINAL LISTING.  You are entitled to full refund  of the ORIGINAL SHIPPING PRICE as well as the COST TO SHIP said ITEM.  Click RETURN and do not leave feedback. Mention that ITEM WAS NOT AS DESCRIBED.  It is then up to the SELLER to send you a RETURN SHIPPING LABEL.  Once the item has been received by the SELLER you should receive REFUND within 7 days.  If not then EBAY steps in to remind SELLER that REFUND must be given by a specific date or Ebay will do it for SELLER.  That simple.  

Yea i know that but i didnt want a full refund i wanted a partial one and to keep the lamp.. And i did.. i got 30$ back from the seller and used that to buy a 3d printed cap someone is making here.. 

So it has the small globules only when heating up?  That's normal for some lamps.  From the ebay pics it does look like a very nice flow.

Yes it was on last night for 7 hours and only got to 110f and the wax was making alot of long towers i liked it alot.

Just wiped it diwn with 50.50 pinesol The thing reeks of cigs and gets worse when on.. Hopefully that got most the smell out and the rest will go away over tims

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