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Wow, the rocket lava lamp prices are out of this world!  No pun intended.  Anything with a point on it, the sky is the limit!  No pun intended.  What is up with the gouging?  When you looking at them, make sure the fin attachments are solid and secure.  Some can be really messed up.  I have about four black rockets and a couple of silver ones, and a off brand one, that is real nice.  What you all think of the prices lately? 

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I have wanted a rocket lava lamp for a while but because of the prices I havent even thought about getting one but I did find a knock off brand as well thats I like and that will do for now 

I've been noticing the same thing. They aren't anything special or out of the ordinary, either - not NIB or NOS, no rare or hard-to-find color combos, and one seller is asking $150.00 for just the base & cap!

(However, I've also noticed they don't seem to be selling,)

Yup, and there is another  on flea bay for 200 bones that looks like it was run over by tank and held together with wire!!  Seller goes on and on about it being rare and the fantastic shape  of the box!  Little out of touch with reality some of these people are.  :P

Also with ebay the shipping is way over priced I never buy any lamps off ebay I rather go yard or thrift shopping I find lamps for a much more affordable price 

What kind of prices are you seeing ? I have several that could be for sale, LavaWorld and Mathmos.

Interesting you mentioned mentioned this.  I was just on the Offerup app checking for anything new and interesting in my area and noticed several Lava Rocket listings with prices that were just comically inflated, $275 for an ordinary lava lite rocket red wax/yellow fluid.  That said I also saw a listing(seller said local pickup only unfortunately) for a rocket with two 17 inch globes(Spencer's custom lava program from the 1990's) boxes included for $30 in Yakima, WA.  One clear fluid green wax and the other I can't remember...red wax maybe.  A great deal though!  I would have absolutely grabbed them but its about a 4 to 5 hour drive or me.  ...still kinda tempted lol

No rhyme or reason to these prices.

They are truly overpriced

Anywhere from $80 to $200 with the majority of them being in the $130 range

Probably because a short time ago in April someone paid $260 for one and now everybody thinks they can get theirs sold for the same price or closer to it


I paid $40 for both of mine ages ago and $25 for the baby one

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