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Hi I know its a long shot but anyone else having major problems with this site on both Iphone and Iphone 3G ???? me thinks an oozing goo app is required lol :-)

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Hey Dr What Thanks for your response, all I seem to get is this page cannot be displayed and if it does load on the very rare occasion it does I just get the website template and no txt or photos :-(. I'll do a total reset of the iphone and see if it makes a difference :-)
I browse the site on my iPhone 3G occasionally. Never had an issue. The white bar you see on the phone is the chat system. Of course it does not work since there is no flash and such so it sits there. Its normal. As far as the pages not loading, if your using a first gen phone, there is an issue with the 2.0 update on first gen phones messing up wifi and its not reversible.

Other than that, no issues to date. I love my iPhone 3G :)
Hi Kris thanks for your response1st gen iPhone and iPhone 3G are both running the latest software version without issue and this the only site displaying this issue on both iPhones , as mentioned previously I will restore the iphone and see what happens :-)
Problem now sorted so my Iphone's are now oozing goo quite nicely :-) no longer Boo Hoo but now its Wooo Hooo :-)
Hey Astrobaby I'm exclusively Mac I have the odd issue with safari on the Iphone and ipod touch but that could be down to server/connection/Network and a whole lot of other variables, on the whole, its a very pleasurable experience, cant wait until June I need more Apple toys :-)

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