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On september 22nd theres a new mathmos lamp to be launched.

The picture looks like a saturn style leg....any ideas whats it gonna be?

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Hello Arne,

Thank you for the kind words about my Orbiter, much appreciated.

I love your suggestion that they just gave up half way through designing the Rokit (which strongly resembles my early steam punk lamp anyway) when they cast eyes on the Orbiter!

(I'd be more than happy to give them some ideas, ha-ha!)

Here's a pic of my Orbiter with a Mathmos Lunar (to show scale.)

And one of the Lunar with my two Saturn V prototypes that shows off the aerofoil wing shapes...

Btw is the orbiter a one off or would it make sense to sell a kidney or two so I can eventually affford an example of it. Actually (IMO) thats the only lunar sized lamp which is really up there with the original...absolutely impressive work!!

Hello Arne,

Again, thanks very much for your compliments.

Selling a kidney is a bold step to get what you want but you may want to rethink selling them both!

The Orbiter took a great many man hours (and a lot more material than the rockets!) and was only intended to be a one-off, just to see if it could be done.

I mocked it up with cardboard and silver duct tape to see if I could get the proportions right and see if the resulting mess looked anything like a real shuttle. Then I began work on the real thing.

I hadn't intended to make another, mainly because I didn't think anyone would pay the price that it would have to be for the amount of man-hours put into it.

That said, if a Texas oil baron or rich Arab prince really wanted one, I could be persuaded to sell this one and then make myself another (Oh no, not weeks of polishing again!)

I smile every time I walk into the living room and see it!

If you want to contact me (in fact, if anyone wants to contact me about any of my creations) you can reach me at; lightspeed-rockets@hotmail.com and discuss things.

Will send you a mail later, have to repair a top end cd player which spit its lens at me when opening the sled...pisses me off so much, has to be done before I throw this piece of s...out of the window!

Hi, does anyone have any photos of the Rokit and are  you happy with your purchase? 

Thanks Noz

Noz said:

There are some scathing reviews on trust pilot.,and Mathmos haven't posted any reviews on feefo since 3rd September on the british website.. So I guess must be quite bad. 

There's a mixed bunch of reviews on the German version of their website. 

I simply don't like the design so haven't purchased one, but have been closely watching for feedback on these. 

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