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I just got my first Crestworth.

It's a Telstar Living Jewel.

I've got few questions:

- How do you remove the cap? (is it glued?)

- About 1cm of liquid is missing, what can I put in it to get it level?

- I don't see so much Living Jewel bottles, is it rarer that Glitterlite or else?


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is it a crestworth telstar base or nordic, telstars are bit of a sod but push bulb down and rotate should pop up, sometimes the base plate will pop out giving more access, upload a pic if poss

Liam said:

Any tips for replacing the bulb in a Crestworth Glitterlite? I've finally removed my bottle with great difficulty... now it's almost impossible with regular human sized hands to get at the bulb?? They didn't make these lamps very user friendly.

I have a quick question because I know nothing about Crestowrth lamps and need to build some knowledge.  How rare are the Telstar and Nordic Living Jewels and are the Glitterlite bottles more common?  Thanks! 

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