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A fellow collector who lives in France bought his first Crestworth Glitterlite which he had sent to me to ship on to France.

Unfortunately the original glitter flakes were translucent, which is actually pretty rare for these in my experience, but I guess it means it's been cooked at some point. It did arrive with a 40w bulb in it.

Anyway, I tried every variety of fine glitter I had, and they all sank after a short while, so after filtering it via some coffee filters, I refilled it with Mathmos baby glitter flakes that I'd simply rinsed off with water, and they flow beautifully.

Really pleased, as I have a blue one tucked away somewhere that needs the same treatment!

Thought I'd post just in case someone else ended up with a duff one. Not sure if Marcel (Goolamp) sells his glitter flakes seperately, as that would make the process much easier?

Runs well on a 25w bulb.


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Very nice resto!


ive seen a few glitterlites with translutant flakes over the years, as to why maybe they used different dye or fluid for a while. i asked about buying glitter squares from Goolamp man but nope :-( as i had chance of getting enough mathmos fluid to do the princess but not the glitter bits, so have ordered complete refill from Goolamp :-)

Thanks a lot Mark, maybe the masterpiece of my collection... So beautiful resto :)


Thanks Marcel, that's very decent of you.

It's always a risk throwing throwing new into old, and I wouldn't recommend anyone tries them in a fast/solvent based fluid, but hopeful they will be compatable with the Glitterlite solution.

The Glitterlites were such lovely colours, it would be a shame to throw out the old fluid if the flakes can be replaced.

I do still have some of your flakes, so will try them in my blue bottle at some point and let you know how it goes.

Do not be afraid Marcel and Mark !

I am so happy and can not wait to receive it, i'll take pictures !

Thanks Mark, Mark is a genius :)

Me I am just trying now to change the cloudy liquid in old bottles but it's kind of difficult, I tried the 3 drops of washing liquid soap, epsom salt, distilled water ....

Another recipe with only water and normal salt and the result is fine

The Astro Baby was green, but with the two drops of red it's like that, yesterday was weird the green was bubbling like a machine

The Astro was a bit cloudy red wax, I rinse, filtered water, salt+watertogether and wait everything is dissolve with 2 drops of Blue.

It's bizarre when you do it yourself cause you never know what's happen if you will lose or win

Wishing all a good day



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