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I finally got my short Excalibur from Marcel! I actually got it a while ago, but I'm having trouble getting it to run. It just doesn't seem to be getting hot enough. Does anyone here have any advice on running German lamps in the US?

I'm using what I think is a 75watt frosted reflector bulb. It's bigger than a 100watt reflector bulb, like say for a grande. Should I try to use a different bulb? I'm afraid to use a smaller, non-frosted bulb, as excalibur globes are prone to crack.

Also, I'm using a simple EU to US plug adaptor, should I be using something else?

I would appreciate all the help I can get.

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HI Loren,

Germany is 220v like France and England, so you need get a 110v bulb from a specialty retailer like lightbulbs unlimited unless you are using a step up adapter. If you use a 220v bulb on 110v American electric it does not run the same as a 110v american bulb of the same wattage. I come across this issue with my French lamps.


Need up step up convertor, you are only running the bulb at half power.  Did the bulb come with the lamp or is it a US bulb?

The adapter your using, if it is what I think it is, just changes the plug orientation, not the voltage.  Will need a up convertor to take your from US 110 volts to EU 220 volts. Re-wiring the lamp is another possibility, this way when the UK/ euro bulb burns out you wont have to find another UK/euro replacement. Hope some of this info helps.

Thanks for the responses!

I am using a simple plug adapter, not a step-up adapter.

If I keep that adapter on, and keep the original wiring, can I use a higher wattage US bulb?

The bulb I'm using is the original one, that came with the lamp from Germany.

Like stated earlier in my post, you can use it, but your only giving that euro bulb half the wattage it needs.  If you can manage to find the euro base with the higher wattage you want to run, guess you can try that. See if it will run any warmer with a higher wattage euro bulb.

Loren, if you get a 110v bulb it will run fine with your simple plug adapter. The trick is you may have to adjust the wattage of the 110v bulb to get the correct amount of heat comparable to the German bulb running on a 220v current. You have options too with frosted vs. non-frosted. Is the 220v a bayonet or screw type connector? Do you have a pic of the bulb? I have successfully converted French magma and glitter lamps for use in the US this way. Plus, it avoids the bulky step-up adapter.


You might just want to rewire the lamp. That would get rid of the converter which should be safer in my head. Also you could use standard bulbs. I have two excaliburs, but one bottle cracked. From what I understand the bottles with the tall top are more likely to crack (which is what i had)

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