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Schylling Acquires Lava Brand - Lava Lite Company Sold

For some reason, the creator of the original thread deleted it, so I'm going to repost.

"The Lava brand has found a new home, although one that’s already somewhat familiar. Schylling, a toy and gift designer, manufacturer and distributor, has acquired Lava’s brand assets from parent Lifespan Brands.

At the same time, Lifespan Brands has announced that, after seven-and-a-half years with the company, Clay Farnsworth, president and CEO, will retire this month. Farnsworth has had a long career in the home products sector including sales and executive stints with companies such as Health-O-Meter and Taylor."

More here: https://www.homeworldbusiness.com/schylling-acquires-lava-brand/

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^^ Well like I said in my original post in this thread, they are either going to make this product line better or much much worse. If they want to recoup their investment quickly, they will skimp on quality to move produce quickly to make max margin per item.

Schylling has been making that goo silly putty stuff for a little while, at least a year or two. I believe they had a licensing agreement to manufacture it for LL, this was before the sale of the company. 

Even with the tax breaks, I doubt many companies will bring manufacturing back to the states. I'll believe it when I see it. 

I also think Lava's in a death spiral. :(

Recent communications with Susan of Lava Lite

BTY, Susan always received a generous gift basket from me on the holidays for her Sincere efforts and professionalism.


Hope your feeling better.

I heard about the buyout

Hope it stays business as usual for you.

I'll have to stop procrastinating and come to see the place soon


Hi Claude,


The company will be moving to Ma.

A small handful will stay until after the summer months.

The rest of us are out as of March 30th.


Are you one of the discharged?




Makes me sad to see someone of your professional ability left behind over corporate shenanigans. 

I hope everything works out for you.

Thank you for everything you did for me and the Lava collection community.

If time allows, I'll try to see you (and the ruins) before you leave.


Thank you 


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service Manager

Lifespan brands™ LLC

Toll Free: 1-800-336-5282 ext 363

Direct: 1-630-496-6663



Wow and terrible. I have been working with susan recently on my cloudy globes and denise. Susan just emailed me today that they are replacing a walmart purchased grande, the base and cap as the bottle arrived clear, the base and cap are all dented up etc.

I am really not happy to hear about what's going on. I might have to buy one last grande while the people are there that take care of us.

I have to call her tomorrow and see how she's doing

The big question is, what return / replacement policy will this new company have? They surely are not going to send out tons of replacement grande bottles like lava lamp does now when you get a cloudy one. I saw to everyone who wants something get it NOW!!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if grandes are eventually retired due to the lack of quality control on bottoms and bases, ets.

The side note I didn't post :

it was about grandes and glitter in particular and buying any returned merchandise.
I'm going to also purchase as many Grandes as I can while warranty service is still a viable option.

I'd appreciate you don't mention that I posted our conversation.

That's really a bummer to hear about Susan. I always felt bad for someone in her position; she's a good person, but was stuck dealing with all the returns and complaints. 

A few questions for anyone who might know:

* How long was Susan at Lava Lite? Was she there before they they shipped manufacturing overseas? 

* What *did* the Chicago location do, exactly? 

* How many employees were let go as a result of this acquisition? 

Lava (as long as *I've* been a collector) wasn't about the history, the quality or the brand. It was $ only. It was reflected in so much of what they did when they cut corners. 

It's a sad day. Glad I have some vintage ones to remind me of what was once a great company. 

Also, it might be nice to create a thread here and wish her well, or say thank you, or something. She's the only one there most of us knew by name. 

Or, maybe we could all chip in and get her a parting gift? Or something? Thoughts?

I'd be in for getting her something as a group in addition to what I plan to send her privately 

Erin said:

Also, it might be nice to create a thread here and wish her well, or say thank you, or something. She's the only one there most of us knew by name. 

Or, maybe we could all chip in and get her a parting gift? Or something? Thoughts?

Well, will sure miss her and her wonderful efforts to keep us all happy with our dealings with numerous company changes. Truly a sad day.  Wonder if this demise of lava will open up the door for Mathmos in the US?  Just my thoughts.  I wish the ladies that have tried to help us all at one time or another only the very best.

Claude, of course I would not discuss what you posted here. It's pretty obvious it's info she is not sharing with everyone.

She did share with me before she would out on surgery that she MIGHT be let go with a bunch of others and that they might love to a new location.

They are currently working on sending me a replacement base and cap for a pink/purple grande I got from walmart. The bottle itself is amazing, the base and cap were shit.

I might grab a yellow/purple while I have the chance to get parts if they are not good.

The key is, what is this new company going to do about returns and replacement stuff. Small lamps I can see not a big deal. Grandes they might change the policay, ugh

Susan does have a profile here but I don't think she has been active for a few years.  If I had been in her position I would definitely be a lurker, lol

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