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Hi I just wondered if anyone has used a normal Astro bottle on a smart Astro base & if so did it work well?

Cheers :-)

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Ooh interesting. Hopefully this will get some replies soon.

Someone on here once tried it but it didn't work somthing to do with the lava, it's made diffrently.
ive tried it the other way round and it works great
smart bottle on astro vase is fine, smart base doesnt work with other bottles. Not even a metallic flows although they only need 25 watt bulbs to flow great

For me it´s actually working, right now I´m running a pink Astro bottle on a Smart Astro base, it has a nice flow, although not as bright as on a regular Astro base. My yellow Smart Astro bottle is running on an Astro base, this looks really great, although it has a rather short runtime before overheating (pretty much the same as when it is running on the Smart Astro base). I shoiuld add that my Smart Astro base is semi-broken, the heating plate works, and the blue led is working, but it does´nt color change anymore (waiting for a new base from Mathmos)...

This is a recent review of the Smart Astro:


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