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If you were one of the very lucky ones to purchase one or multiple SPENCERS EXCLUSIVE LUNAR ECLIPSE LAVA lamps by LAVA LITE/SHYLIING as of yesterday they are officially SOLD OUT!!! What this means is that the price is going to sky rocket for those that did not want to spend 27.00 and some change to buy when they were available / without discount 37.99 shipping not included.  Ok - now for those that purchased expect prices for this lamp to exceed 200 plus on the open market like Ebay just to begin opening prices for said lamp and closing price for the lamp may exceed 400.00 plus.  If you can buy for less I would suggest adding to your collection. The lamp will be as popular to collectors as the ZOMBIE lamp or even more.  Expect serious collectors to be on the hunt.  I'm often asked to appraise lamps or purchase for others since I have so many various lamps and have been collecting for years and felt the Lunar Lamp would sell out fast for it's design the instant I laid eyes on it.  BONUS - SHYLLING may have also had to pull the lamp due to copyright infringement with the makers of the original LUNAR LAVA lamp over naming rights...if so...your Lava Lamp is going to be worth even more.  I'm trying to dig and find if they SOLD OUT as the sight would suggest or if they had to be pulled but to date have not found any court filings etc. regarding the naming so I don't want to spread any falsehoods until I have something more concrete as in real evidence.  Good news like this makes me enjoy my lamp collection even more.  

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I got mine!

I think a lot of people let this one slip by as well.

Now that's a smart investment.  I always buy tow of each  lamp whenever I buy.  Your set of three looks amazing.

Shylling.com website has several other metallics but none like the Lunar Phases Lamp.  

How did I not know about these?  Oh well, probably better for my pocket book.

I doubt they're discontinued yet. Spencer's website has been having difficulty keeping lamps in stock online. That said, I've seen a bunch in store at several Spencer's locations (I like to visit them often haha). If anyone is looking for one online currently, check out GLOW! :) 


So I stopped in at Spencer's yesterday.  They had 4 Lunar lamps left and they where cheaper than online.  Only paid $34.99 each for them.  They also had one metallic purple left and it was only $30.99.  If you still want one of these lamps and you missed getting it online you might have a chance to score one in the store. 

-BTW, They also give military discount if you buy in store.

Spencer's Exclusive Lamps once SOLD OUT - NEVER RETURN.  That's the whole idea of EXCLUSIVITY.  Only a certain amount are made and once sold out that's it folks.  I've not seen one available at local stores and if you do see any while out shopping do your fellow OG members a favor and let them know where to buy so they can add to their collection.  It's the reason I post as soon as I see just like I did for the Lunar Phases lamp.   Some here were already aware but not all.  I also do the same when I see a collectible lamp for sale as in a great deal.  It's one of the perks of being a member of OG.  

Thanks for heads up on this Lamp Caretaker, after seeing this I picked up one today at my local mall today. Plus the Light Blue with "concrete" effect base, as well as the Blue Lace Agate Gold which I will do a separate post and pics of those.

I have 2 available if anyone is interested

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