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Does anyone here remember Tornado lamps and Spiral lamps? Tornado lamps were either cylinder shaped or in a rocket (called the rocket tornado). and consisted of small beads that would go when you turned it on and a propeller caused the beads to go in a vortex. Spiral lamps were bullet shaped and had larger pearl shaped beads that were propelled up a pump then went down a spiral path. They were both made in the 90s/early 2000s by a Chinese/Taiwanese company called Kenart and were imported by Lyon Motion. Any store that sold Lava Lamps during this time likely would have sold them.

Heres a Spiral lamp:and a Tornado lamp:

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I used to have the spiral

The problem i found in buying them used (vintage at this point) is that the fluid somehow evaporates over time and the balls won't rise enough to drop correctly.

If / when you find one for sale, make sure the level is high because its sealed and there is no way of adding more

i had both back in the day, my tornado was a rocket style were fun lamps, but long gone now

They’re pretty cool.

Pretty sure I saw a spiral variant at a car boot sale recently. I should have nabbed it.

I have the spiral one currently and remember these as a kid. Much like most of the 90s lamps they’re very nostalgic. The spiral one I have doesn’t run well and mainly resides in the closet.

I had a spiral lamp as well but I ended up letting my brother have it years ago when I left for college. I do believe he still has it, but think the liquid has also evaporated below the tope of the spiral over time. It was always a fun one to watch. Tornado lamps still show up here and there on ebay the the letgo/facebook marketplace/offer up scenes.

I used to have the tornado lamp but the liquid became cloudy and the motor died I think I still have it somewhere cool lamp tho.

You are able to refill the spiral lamp. Just remove the screws in the top. They are above the 2 metal tubes. Just make sure to be careful with the tube that has the wires through it. It the wires that go to the bulb. This will give you access to the top of the cylinder. With a tiny flat head screw driver you can gently remove the plug it has to refill it. The problem is that I have no clue to what the liquid is. I just know its not water. Does anyone know what the liquid could be?

Hey everyone, I am zane. I have been looking for the mini rocket tornado lamp to buy for my collection. Any info would be

helpful thanks.

I still have the Spiral Lamp although some of the liquid has evaporated. I had the tornado lamp, but a friend of mine though it a good idea to shake it all the time, and the little spinner at the bottom dislodged rendering it pretty useless.....

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