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Is Mathmos going under?

So many colours have been discontinued. Red red, clear pink, clear turquoise, red pink, and now yellow turquoise. The astro now only has 6 options. If anything they should ditch that bottom of pond colour dirty black. 

Charging extra for white bottles, and not reducing the price of the iO when they promised to after xmas.

Whats going on, does anybody know?

When they moved factory they promised a bigger range? 

Not looking good is it? 

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I know im going to get introuble for saying this....but it seems they all have china flow now, just like lava lite. Now that is just my opinion Haha

Oh don’t get me started I would love to know the answer to that question, seems standard have plummeted to new depths even prior to C-19!!

2 X First 100 io’s both blistered, bubbled and flaking chrome work!!

1X io Sctatched with chipped chrome!! 
1 X Neo that did not fit together at all, it took another replacement lamp

AND TOP in order to get 1 working lamp!! 
1X Neo ( for friend in the USA ) lava doesn’t flow.

2 X Violet / Pink Neo bottles just melt but don’t flow!!

1 X Chipped cloudy Lunar Bottle.

That’s my Mathmos experience over the last few months.

It really is such a shame, I started collecting Mathmos in 1994 and haven’t stopped, but lately I have been thinking it’s not worth all the effort, if your charging a premium price, your product & service needs to on par with that.

I wanted to buy an astro, but with so many colour options being deleted, theres nothing new or intriquing to try, just the same old same old. 

The Neo lamps I find are just awful. I have a yellow orange that gives an oversized blob every 10 mins, inbetween nothing. It takes a good 90 mins before even any activity at all, then spends the next 4 hours doming at the bottom of the bottle, rarely blobbing. My other bottle a blue turquoise looks like theres dust trapped between the plastic coating and the bottle, looks absolutely awful. But at least the bottle works a bit better than the orange one. 

I really like most of the lamps ive got but yes I must say it doesnt look good at all, the range is starting to look very tired. Anything that is interesting is out of stock or entails a long waiting list. 

And to top it all off, hiking the price of the white astro bottles? Thats just so bad and to call the customers Lucky is just patronising. 

Standards have really dropped, a sad sign of a failing company. Looks like we will all be buying china lamps soon. 

Aside from the few I have now, this guy, will never buy a china lamp!

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