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Hi fellow lava heads!

Been lurking here for a while as I built my collection up, but finally needed to post as I'm looking for a part. I recently picked up a slightly pre-90's (I think) century off of craigslist. It's in good shape overall, and looks good from the outside. But the base, specifically the bottom plate that's steel, is rusted badly. It doesn't effect the function of the lamp, for now, but it might eventually given that the bulb mounts to the rusted plate and might fail at some point. Also I know its there, and it bugs me for sure. So...

Anyone have a century base in good condition they'd be willing to part with? The one I have now is gold with starlight holes, but I would be open to silver or black as well as I may gookit and get a new top for this lamp at some point.


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Can it really be that "roached" with rust.  Should be able to wire brush it off and "treat" it to where it can be salvaged.  Let us see some pics of what your working with.  Thanks!

I have several bases for sale on ebay



Yea, it's pretty badly damaged. I was going to try to brush it and seal off the rust with something, but it's on the INSIDE of the lamp only (for now) on the bottom plate, which isn't removable from the aluminum sides as far as I can tell.

Bump. Still looking for a century base in good condition.

One on ebay right now, 19 bones.  Check it out.

I snagged it, thanks for the heads up MaGoo!

I’ve got a few if you’d like a black one especially 

I'm going to see if the one I just got off of ebay is decent or not. If it's sub par, I'll hit ya up Blind Faith!

Sure thing! I have a extra silver one too

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