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Hey all, just picked up what I believe is a centurion.  I air cooled with fan and is a big chrome lamp, with a huge spray will post pics soon.  Can you guys tell me the difference between the sunburst and centurion models.  Thanks so much for info.  In the process of cleaning it up.  Chrome base is perfect, insides need some cleaning. There was so much black dirt and grit on the color wheel, but cleaned that up and have to do a thorough cleaning to the electrics and mechanicals.  Cleaned the base of the fiber optic spray, which will need a good cleaning. 

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Thank you Gary! Appreciate the info!

Mr Magoo... I think there is a Fantasia group here as well. I will look... seems like I am a member. I will let you know.

LOL.. This is in that group, huh? Silly me

the small one is an Ecstasy and the larger one is a centurion in this picture the sunburst 4000 is even larger .it's not in this picture.
Miss Chi V. Us (Kim S) said:

  • AHHHH.. I just pulled that from an ebay listing earlier. Nice to know

Dang, it says that in the listing too. I should never do thinks in a hurry..lol



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