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My First Mod Job

It's just for practice, you understand...and since this lamp wound up being free, I just took it apart and learned how to replace the cord easily for painting or anodizing. :)

The first image is the way it arrived, then I (finally) got the top and cap off, stored the yellow glitter, and put a fluorescent blue/blue gookit. I still haven't rewired it yet though,…


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Building up my stock 002 - More Spray Paint

Yay. :) Slowly but surely, I'm building up the colors I need. Spray paint is expensive. @_@

That's crimson, orange, and yellow gloss, metallic gunmetal, and metallic bronze. :) That brings my metallic colors up to 8, and the…


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I just sealed the deal today. :) I signed the contract, and paid for the lamps with shipping included, all at once. I've bought cars...I've bought computers...I've never dropped that much cash at once before. :-/ Wow. Surreal. Better start selling some of these soon!

But I'm celebrating tonight. :) It's finally paid! the ball is finally set in motion. I think it's supposed to get here in 35 days? Most of that is in transit...I think they said it would be 28 days at sea? That means…


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A Sad Post. :(

I wish I didn't have to say this, but...it looks like they won't sell these to me after all.

They sent me an invoice, but they said that if I didn't pay it all at once, there would be a $300 bank charge which I can't afford. I agreed to pay all at once, but before I could, they realized that Atlanta was NOT a port...that they would have to dump them in Savannah, and bring them by truck the rest of the way. Once they figured this out, they had to adjust the amount for the new shipping.…


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Building up my stock 001 - Spray Paint

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find spray paint around here. Seriously. A lot of places don't even carry it any more because of all the kids huffing it. :( Sad.

...And rather frustrating for me! I need that crap for like...you know...what it was INTENDED for? Anyway, here's what I've managed to find so far! That's red, blue, royal blue, purple, gold, and black...all metallic. :) The Krylon says it's safe up to 600 degrees F, but the other one says only 200. I think that kind…


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(Mis)Adventures in Glitter

So I've been steadfastly working on making a GOOD custom, DIY glitter lamp. Hearing people who know what they're talking about on this board say things like "Nobody has ever made an acceptable home-made glitter lamp" was disheartening. :( I thought it was going to be simpler than making a lava lamp, but it's just as complicated. I actually DID get a working lamp made, but it used tiny glitter, and what I'm wanting to use is much bigger.

After seeing that Chinese cylinder lamp that I…


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