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What is up with the inundation and proliferation of the Russian fugly night lights or supposed nasty ass looking lava lamps!  From Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, doesn't Russia have a Russian Ebay or Siberian Offer Up?  The whole back half pages of my ebay feed searches are full of these lamps!  Have you ever read into the descriptions by the vendors, " I am a trust worthy seller, even though I have had complaints of cheating buyers, Believe me it is not true!  Who writes this stuff.  Ok, rant off.  Thanks all!


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I liked these, but only if they're in good shape! The common cylinder with black or brown plastic ends came in glitter (orange or red liquid) or, rarer, lava (white/clear with multi-colors painted under the bottle). There are several rarer designs, all of which are silver glitter, clear liquid, multi-color paint. They ALWAYS have three rods holding the cap to the base, and the bulb is accessed from below, without removing the bottle; my belief is, it was intended to prevent an inquisitive person from drinking the contents!

I, too, am curious about the influx, but I'd bet they've realized people want these. The same goes for the USSR Vostok commemorative "blasting-off rocket" lamps; I'm glad I got mine before they got popular. These are two of these; the one with red plastic cone is from the 70s, the one with clear plastic is from the 80s and is more common (and, I think, prettier).

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