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Hi. Did anyone else catch this auction for the highly rare Crestworth glitter wall sconce. For most of the week it's been sitting on £210. With seconds to go, of course, the price went up by about £200 a second ending at an incredible £1001 sterling.

How much would you have bid for this complete rarity and highly sought after wall glitter lamp?


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i slipped in £305 and it shot up to £900, personally i dont think its worth the £1001. wonders what mistrolite would make :-)

link to auction as I am curious as to what it looks like.


kero48 said:

link to auction as I am curious as to what it looks like.

Thanks Johnny. Crazy prices!

Wow pretty cool glitter lamp, I can see it's appeal, maybe for less money though lol.

1200,00 ist diese garantiert Wert

Not sure what Enrico means, I think it's "these are worth 1200" (?)

They are pretty rare - I can't remember the last one I saw for sale

(And I completely missed this auction, but wouldn't have gone that high. I think. Sour grapes?)

How many of these are known?

ive seen around 5 over the years, all copper, they are rare but never expected it to go so high, maybe everyone will dig theres out and bombard the market :-)

I saw the auction when it was on.  I thought the opening bid of 200 euros was high enough let alone over a 1000.  If the seller ever decides to resale the lamp it's going to take a very long time for him/her to get back what they paid for it.  I think it was the owner who placed the higher bid in hopes of making more money only no one out bid.  it's certainly not worth 1001 plus which is 1245.00 American dollars.  Yikes!

Agree 100%, these are scarce but not the Holy Grail!

How much is known to you.

We are talking about collectors ' items (collectors ' prices)

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