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LavaLite not having holiday sale this year? LL's Shipping way too expensive to buy product from.

Does anyone here know if LavaLite is having a holiday sale this year. They have great deals on some instock items but are charging a ton to ship which has never been the case. They always offered free shipping in December. So far nothing. I was hoping to buy several lamps for family members for Christmas but when I hit shipping it was something like 60.00 to mail 40.00 worth of product. Whats up with that?

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They haven't really done much since Schylling took over. No social media updates, promotions, marketing...nada. The only place I've even seen new product is through Spencer's. 


Was just at spencers this morning. I was kinda shocked how nice the new lamps flow.

LavaLite updated their website and guarantees you'll receive lamps by Christmas if you order within a certain amount of time but still NO discounts on shipping.  A 40.00 purchase would cost me 53.00 to ship.  Outrageous! The twenty percent off coupons nice but it still does not take the sting out of the heavy shipping costs. I decided to pass on lamps this year.  I rolled over to Spencer's and they do not offer FREE shipping this year either. It's even worse on ebay where shipping has doubled in the last two years.  You pay more for shipping these days than the actual item your buying.  PASS!Here's the good thing.  I'm saving a shit load of money not buying anything due to the rising costs of shipping. Had no idea that all it took for me to start saving more money was to stop buying anything that requires a heavy shipping cost. AWESOME.  I need to buy a bigger piggy bank.

Probably thanks to Amazon becoming a near Monopoly

Think manufactures are realizing if it don't ship free customers just won't buy or will buy somewhere else.  Hmmm.

didn't they have a deal where you spend $100 and its free ship?

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