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Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in buy/sell/trade, but here it is.

Archie McPhee is a Seattle novelty store that sells all sorts of bizarre stuff. Look up their web site and you'll get the idea, if you haven't heard of them already. But their store also sells a small assortment of vintage stuff: mostly new-old-stock bits and pieces. They also have a wall of new-old-stock glass bottles. I check in every six months or so to see what's new; I've bought some useful bottles there.

Went in yesterday, and they had... 32oz. bottlecap-top Lava Lite bottles, complete with coil sitting in the bottom. No cap. The employees had no idea where they came from. These appear to be older US-made ones, I'm only guessing because the coil looks like the old ones did. They had ten on the shelf and another full box of a dozen up on a top shelf (overstock - they MIGHT have more than that, but that's all the employee spotted) and they were asking five bucks each for them!

Anyone here want some of these? I don't, but I'll be happy to send them to others. Don't PM me on OG, I tend to forget to check; email me at jcefoundit@gmail.com and we'll talk. I'm going to go by the order in which emails hit my inbox, to try to be fair, so if I reply that all 22 that I'm (almost) certain they have are gone, others asked for them first. I can make another trip back if I begin to get a number of responses by around noon today (Thursday the 16th) and find out exactly how many they have, if they'll cut the price at all, and if they'll hold them so I can guarantee I get 'em.

But that's assuming anyone wants them at all. Come one, come all! No need to empty old bottles and clean to get new ones! No need to scrub petroleum-scented Crisco AKA "lava" off your old coil! I have a feeling new, normal-size bottle caps fit these; if they do, all you need is a crimper and caps and you're set to goo-kit yourself some 32s!

~ Jonas

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Damn...Jonas is riding on 32's....sweet.  Come get some!  (BUMP)


Mr MaGoo said:

Damn...Jonas is riding on 32's....sweet.  Come get some!  (BUMP)

BIG bump. Turns out Archie McPhee has over a hundred twenty of these!! I bought seven today, one for me and six for a collector. So while there's no rush, plenty to go around, I hope other people buy them, too. I asked, and they don't sell these through the website or by phone, gotta go to the store. If you're in Seattle, Archie McPhee is worth a visit anyway, in case you need "Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure" or "Crazy Cat Lady" board games or pickle-flavored gum, but while you're there, grab some Lava Lite bottles.

Telephoning Archie McPhee reminded me of how awesome they are. The employee answered the phone, "Mazel Tov! Archie McPhee." When I said thanks at the end, he cheerfully replied, "I love you! Bye bye!"

YES! I would like some of those please!

I'm calling them...

Thanks for the heads up!


They've got two sizes, both sans caps.  Mine did have a spring in it, I don't know if they all do.

Ahh, another source. Goodi.

Mark, you'll want to order either through me (email me) or via DasGrinch's linky there. Archie McPhee only sells their new-old-stock stuff in person at the store, no mail order.


The big globes are 52oz, I measured when I put my gookit together. I ordered 5 more (and some rubber stoppers to see if they'd fit).  The smaller ones are probably 32oz then.  The ones from sciplus I mean. 

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