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Hello all, haven't posted in a long time. Just getting back to tinkering after my collection been on the back burner for years. I am looking to revamp a few lamps by dumping the old liquid and using sources of Propylene Glycol, and SLES (which I have never tried). Did lots of reading but still wondering if anyone had any recommendations for ordering?

I sadly messed up my friends 90's lamp with distilled water / Epsom Salt / bubbles solution (like the blow bubbles). It seemed promising...nope! Went cloudy each time. Wax got worse too and more bubbly. I went slowly each time and always worked at first run or two then would go bad.

I have found a few listings on Ebay for Prop Glycol in 4 oz tubes and larger, most say "food grade". My fear is that with fog juice it may not be consistent or pure enough since it's watered down.

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Got mine from ebay.  I believe my SLES comes in a powder or liquid.  Mine was liquid. The Prop Glycol food grade can be obtained from feed stores down here in texas.  They use it in the cattle industry.  I usually buy it by the gallon.  Good luck finding your source.  I am sure the rest of the members will be chiming in shortly.

Food grade PG is what you are looking for.  I've used the fog juice because I got it CHEAP and it has worked fine.  I have looked at buying fog juice recently and noticed that the ingredients are not consistent and/or not just PG and distilled water.  Some of those other ingredients may have adverse reactions.

SLES is available in powder or liquid.  Powder is cheaper to ship and store, and a little goes a long way.

I think you will be very pleased with the results!  I used a combination of fog juice and epsom salt, along with bubble solution before.  Like you said, one run was good then it started getting cloudy.  Ended up after a couple of runs being way too cloudy.  After redoing with fog juice and SLS it is still perfectly clear and flows good.

As for sources, like Mr MaGoo said.  Ebay for SLES and feed store (or Tractor Supply) for PG.

I've always used propylene glycol but recently a friend wanted me to use Magnesium Sulfate (Epson Salts) in a lamp I was re-gooing for him with metallic goo.
The basic material of the goo is Magnatower goo but with additives so additional flotation was needed.

I have to say, it works well, but I had problems with it when used with vintage goo as it leaches the color of the lava into the fluid.. For that, I would recommend propylene glycol.

It also doesn't seem to hold its strength as well or is as stable as Propelyene.
The lamp flowed like a risen for the dead monster at my place (see my videos) but once it was shipped and arrived at his house.it just sat at the bottom
Could be any number of things (Damaged lamp, wrong wattage, voltage variances, ambient temp, etc)

He just got a hotter bulb and all was well.

As far as surf, I'm now using a cheap dollar store hand soap with no additives other than SLES with a few food colorings to keep it clear and stable and it works great.

Awesome, thanks for all the input!!! I thought the fog thing was prob better as a last resort but I know everyone's experience is unique and probably has it's uses still. I will probably be ordering these "pure" ingredients online soon and update once I complete projects with pics.

BTY, If you have a Blaines Farm and Fleet (Or any other farm supply store) they usually sell Propelyene glycol for cattle

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