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The base is one piece....

Looks like the wire has been reniewed...

Perhaps an inbetween model.... like the first Jets... they were made of metal too....

Yes the first metal Jets were called Astro Nordic Deluxe

It certainly looks one piece, but I don't think it was spun as one piece.

My eyes are old, but I think  a wider hole in the Cosmos base was expertly cut and the barrel inserted

You can see the join beneath the hole for the clickswitch in your last-but-one shot

Whether it's a prototype (cop-out!!!), or a factory bitser, or what is another matter

Crestworth used a reflector bowl on the LJs but the bulbholder was below it

I don't know, frankly....

Well..  thank you for everything you could tell me...

So far....It is still a mystery...

there was one on ebay ( france ) while back i think its just a export model like the "cosmos" was 


that's not the one I was thinking of earlier in the thread, your link is right, it's too neat for a home-made job 

Wow....   so it seems this is a real Crestworth.....

Very well found.....   thank you....

Yes, it's definitely your lamp, Johnny is the Crestworth  expert, no probs!

The analysis we put in before he entered the thread is right, though, if you look carefully, it's the Astro Nordic MK1 base with the "Jet" barrel let into it, by the Crestworth team, presumably, on a custom French order - I'd call it a "factory bitser"...

Well spotted/bought though, it's a nice variant

I've seen this adaptation in other Crestworth lamps, they use the parts from one lamp in another - clever

Thank you very much...   I am very fortunate  to have found an original Crestworth..

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