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Hi Guys, does anyone know what liquid is used to replace original liquid in a Crestworth Living Jewel Glitter lamp?

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Marcel has a replacement fluid available (goolamp)


Like claude mentioned Marcels goolamp refills be a better option as the original fluid is chemical based and say for instance you try different glitter chances are it will destroy the silver coating, i tried mathmos squares years ago they lasted few minutes lol

Marcel now does a fast moving fluid so will be closer to what you have speed wise cheek his page out :-)

Or you could take a walk on the wild side and DIY!

Here's one I made yesterday:

The picture doesn't do it justice but it sparkles just like the real thing.

The flakes are a little smaller than the original, but I fully loaded this one to make up for it :)

Still need to put a little colour on the base of the bottle too.


Is it safe? hahaha  looks impressive

Mark: What to you use for the fluid?  Distilled H2O and calcium chloride or an entirely different fluid? I've been wanting to make my own glitter lamp for awhile now. I'm even working on my own high precision digital hydrometer to help with getting things just right.

Very nice looking results though whatever you used.

Hi James,

Eliot very kindly shared his recipe here: https://oozinggoo.ning.com/video/restored-hunters-flowing

I'm pretty certain it's a simlar formula to the original, and the same as the fast fluid that was being sold via this forum a few years ago. 

Over the last few weeks I've had quite a bit of experience making them myself now, don't hestitate to message me with any queries.

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