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I did a goo kit on one of my Excalibur lamps and after everything was done I put it on the base and all the goo rised to the top with zero movement! So I thought maybe I added too much surf? So I dumped and started over... No change. I have dump and started over like 7 times and every time it just rises to the top. Now during one of these start over points, I did decide to add a little more goo because it looked like I was a bit short and that rises too but will go down and up... 

Right now I don't even have the surf in the bottle. I swirled it around in the bottle and sat it aside just to see what would happen without it. So there absolutely no surf other than what I shook around the bottle and coils!

Is the surf mixed in the goo?

Should I rinse the hard block of goo? I haven't done that.

A little back story on this lamp... I bought this lamp about a year ago. Something strange about this lamps original contents that I've never encountered with any of my other lamps was all the goo would go to the top and come down and back up (Basically opposite of what a normal lamp does, going up and back down)

So this lamp seems to doing something similar... 

Oh and I have tried turning down the heat with the dimmer... That's not the problem.

I know all this sounds strange! So the hell is going on!

I appreciate your shared knowledge and

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks guys:)

PS I'll try to add pictures.. it keeps telling me it's too large!

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You're welcome

I add go, then cook it to get the bubbles out

They usually do not go away on their own and will make it float

But YEsm, those are the basic instructions 

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