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As in the picture, the fluid is nice and clear, and the lava rises but won't blob....any ideas?

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Looks like column like flow or tornado like flow to me.  What is the room temp, draft possibly, temp change, by window?  Let us know.

Thanks Mr MaGoo,

It's in a neutral position (not near a window), and shouldn't be too hot or too cold.

It's got the correct 30w spot fitted, and I've also tried it in another lamp with a slightly warmer bulb, and the flow was identical.

I did tip it very gently today, just enough to break the column up and create some blobs, but it soon reverted back to how it was.

Is it possible the bottle has new MF that needs a bit of your expert tweaking?
I seem to remember a lot of posts about Glitterball fills being rejuvenated..

I have a Glitterball Lunar that often does this column flow, then reverts to blobbing... I've given up worrying, just sit back and enjoy it, I'm afraid...

Thanks Andy.

To be honest, the glitterball is one of my least favourite mathmos lamps. I've bought and sold several over the years, and just tend buy if I see one for the right price thinking I may have misssed something....but I just don't see what others see in them!

Pretty sure this is the original fluid, but it's the first one I've had that doesn't blob.

I could try reflling with glycerin, but as I'm not sure if it's a fluid or wax problem, will probably end up listing with a 99p start via ebay as never keen on selling something on that doesn't work properly.


A good glitterball is fun, but yes, I know what you mean - that joy of lava in full flow is a tad lacking

The wax looks OK, I think it just needs a tweak, but I know nothing whatever about mixes

I'd give you 99p, though...


Ron Hopeful

Okay....will either update with a picture of a working lamp or a listing number!


That's interesting to know. Have cycled mine several times now, for several hours at a time, with no change though.

Messy inside lol....my thoughts exactly. 

doddy said:

I have had 2 of these aluminium glitterballs and they both did this. But after about 3 hrs they will start to flow properly. 

I didnt like the glitterballs either. I felt they looked too messy inside. A proper lava lamp is much better IMO. 

Changed the fluid, so now crystal clear. No difference :(

Added a second coil....success :)

That looks lush :-) that version was the best, the green, blue with glitter in tended to stick to the glass, when originaly released there were more colours shown but never saw them for sale via mathmos.

Thanks Johnny.

I've never had a clear one before, so can see the appeal now.

The refurb tips came from a fellow forum member across the pond (thanks Dennis!).

Defintely worth the effort and I may even keep this one for myself!

Nice work - really bright, clean "goo"...as you know, they develop small globules when they get old and tired

I discovered - by chance - they look ace in a black hole (eg a matt-black-painted shelf surround) - you get your own private Planetarium...and even the small glob breakaways can be moons and asteroids; enjoy!

I'll tell Ron  H to save his pocket money

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