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As has been rumoured for a while I think, Mathmos confirmed today on their Facebook page that new colourways are to be released across the range in the coming weeks, starting with yellow/pink now offered on the Neo

Will be interesting to see what else they come up with - dare we get excited?

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Where are you getting this from? There doesn't seem to anything new on the Mathmos website or Facebook page. Poor show if true - not even a new colourway, just a re-introduction of a recently discontinued one, and a poor choice even for that - one of the blandest colourways IMO.

BLUE/ BLUE yawn, wanna see Green & yellow "wax", or the pretty in pink combo, pink & orange, or expand the astro range to include blue & pink, yellow & red  but give us a Yellow Lava :-)

Just when you thought they had finally done the decent thing and put that dreary colourway out to pasture...

Seriously, they go out of their way to create suspense and this is what they come up with? 

Do they struggle so much to come up with colours that they discontinue existing options just to bring them back a short time later as ‘new’?

What informs these decisions? I thought with the recent polls on Facebook they might finally be coming around to the idea of customer research.

Weak sauce, man :-/

Hmmmmm Blue Blue again, nice colour but we have already had that colour & my Yellow Pink Neo bottle arrived with damage to the coating on the bottle & it’s slightly cloudy so it will be going straight back!! 

Blue/ Blue was actually never dropped from the Astro line, so basically the colourway has been continuously available in some form since at least the 1990s, but is now 'new' apparently.

So many possibilities - really feels like they just couldn’t be bothered.

Not sure if i remember this wrong but i thought Blue/blue ony returned with the Heiretage copper lamps along with yellow/orange.

I remember the mass product cull in the early 00s,  but the surviving colour options were violet/red, blue/green and blue/blue. (I still have a brochure from around this time)
Violet/orange and eventually some other colours didn't re-appear until around 2007-ish.

Blue/blue isn't new by any stretch of the imagination, or even a much of a re-introduction, really (I maintain that it has been available on at least one model of lamp for well over 20 years.)

I'm not sure blue/pink will appear on the Astro, as I suspect they won't want to 'step on' the colourways that were used for the Pretty Green edition a while back.

Would be disappointed if the new Astro option was yellow/ red - because again - it isn't new. There is potential for interesting new options, even using alternate combinations of existing liquid/ wax colours, if only they would apply at least some imagination.

Hmm, was it still offered on the Astrobaby/ Telstar at that point? Must have been a pretty brief absence if indeed if was dropped from the whole line up.

In the early 00s I got a Telstar in blue/blue in which the wax was more pink in hue, I ended up sending it back and getting it changed, which in hindsight I regret - the 'true blue' they sent as a replacement is rather dark and dreary, which has put me off that colourway.

I think the turquoise/ purple they offer on the Neo is much more vibrant - was sort of hoping that would make its way onto other lamps at some point.

I also wish Mathmos would do a proper purple wax, rather than that strange ditchwater 'plum' colour.

The bottles are now available.

I won't moan too much since I quite like this colourway (surprised they went with one that was once on the limited edition 'Pretty Green' Astro) but still wish they would introduce colour options that were actually new.

Do you think there will be a 'second wave' of introductions, or is it just one colourway per model?


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