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My constant neurotic search for nice lamps paid off and I found my 2nd Giant bottle.

So now I have 2 Pink / Pink giants.

Would be interested in a trade if someone else has one of the other color varieties.

Again, not for sale (sorry)

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I have 2 myself, a red/clear and blue/yellow.  If I decide to trade, will keep you in mind Sentrex.  Thanks!

I have a second white/blue Giant that I would consider trading for a pink/pink if you were interested. Do you have pictures of yours in action? 

Hi Michael - FWIW I am looking to trade for a purple yellow even if I need to belly up with a little more $$; but the blue white is next on my list, so if you are in no rush then please give me the holidays to think about it.

Thanks much!

Of course, take your time. I also have no intention of selling at the moment, but I’d certainly entertain a swap for a pink/pink. So if you decide you are interested, hit me up. :)

Will do! Thanks 

Im new to this site and im looking for pittsburgh steelers lava lamps to buy can anyone help thx

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