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Stuff and more Stuff

I'm going to try to retrain as a Vet, so I am moving my art stuff into a cheaper studio space. I'm going to sell a bunch of stuff including some lamps. I will bung some pictures up when I have time and direct folk to E-bay. I will probably just sell here in the UK, but I have one or two things that might be worth shipping.

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Lava story telling photo's.

Here are a couple of images from the Lava Lamp Storytelling Forest that I did a couple of months ago. My colleague Amanda told stories to people as they rested on the bean bags. I helped out by wafting the audience with board, sprinkling them with glitter…


Added by D Newnham on April 23, 2012 at 5:48am — 2 Comments

Excaliburs 2

Well I got my good friday Excalibur today (along with a deco, chrome, standard-lamp) so now have three in the space of a week, (total cost £14 and a bit of petrol) in slight variations of blue/yellow with a sun design.

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Well I still haven't gotten around to posting more photos, I have plenty stored up now though. I bought two Excaliburs today, not quite by accident, but certainly by coincidence. I went to a boot fair and got one for about £9 and came home to find a bid I'd put on a large lamp was successful at £6. I know these lamps are popluar (and since having one in my living room) also very large. However I don't much more. Would be good to have a directory of interesting non Lava/Mathmos lamps. Might…


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I'm beat. Did eight sucessful performances of the lava lamp artwork. Though one lady did smash a globe and cause a small flood. Glad it's over now and going to get some well earned sleep.

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Light Night Info

For anyone interested in the artwork I am collaborating for, here are the details, including it's rather grandiose title:

Cloudwatching In the Lava Lamp Forest of Stories.

At Broadway Studio, Nottingham, Friday Feb 10th.

Wander into the multi-coloured forest of Lava lamps – as you dream  imagination and reality collide……


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Hot shocks

Been reconditioning my Hotrock lamps in preparation for my Light Night artwork. Have been filtering, topping up liquid and wax and adding surfacant. I also have been heating the lamps to try and remove wax from the sides without having to empty them all (as i don't have time) but managed to be a little careless. i dropped one, just emulsifying and cloudyness, no breakage thankfully. I also popped one in a champagne style and need to top it up again now. I just hope it will all be right on…


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Light Night, Nottingham.

On the 10th of Feb I will be debuting a lava based art work with my friend Amanda. Light Night happens in a few cities other than Nottingham, but it's basically a festival of light themed art works and performances across the city centre. We are taking over the studio at the Broadway cinema, I'm building a forest of lava lamps and Amanda will be telling stories. The idea with the lamps is that many of them will be at the stage where the wax erupts into strange rock-like formations and people…


Added by D Newnham on January 18, 2012 at 9:01am — 3 Comments

Things in threes?

Well was having a rubbish day, so decided to trawl the local flea market and charity shops for some globe lampshades for a deco ceiling fitting. Had no luck with that but found a Telstar for a fiver. Was very welcome as I was having no luck on Ebay, the last one I was looking at just jumped to £18. Little dissapointed by the lime green wax/clear colour and was going to swap in a red/violet, but now I've got it plugged in and working I've completely changed my mind.

So hoping I might…


Added by D Newnham on March 4, 2011 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Top Day

Decided to stop buying lamps for a while, to try and save money, but ran into a Lamp Topper (boxed) for a couple of quid so decided that didn't count and snapped it up. Wonder what else I can spend my money on the next couple of months that's not actually a lamp?

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No Valentine's love for me. I got home to find that my Landlady had smashed one of the Hot Rocks lamps I have been collecting for a large artwork. On the bright side it was only one and I still have 26 more left.

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Bits and Pieces

Still not gotten around to photographing any more of my lamps. I have made a few more purchases and converted a friend to Lava with a lovely orange/violet Astrobaby that I found at the market.

I also picked up a wonderful bottle that will turn into a lightly complicated lamp build. I think it might be worth it though, as there i actually a chance Bhodan might not have made one already. Won't go into details as it will ruin the surprise... many month down the line that is when I…


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Lamp overdose

I seem to have filled my studio space with crappy generic lamps of all sizes and shapes. However the upside is mt bedroom just has one Astrobaby in it now and I can actually move around. Well there is another boxed which will go as a christmas present and once I've cleared my Fluidium that will come back... hmm as might the Magma, but I have great hopes of not letting too many of them back into the house, it's like they breed when they're together. I have to think of my housemates, my ability… Continue

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Late Entry

Hi folks, I have managed to move house twice since my last post. Sorry for not manging to continue the blog and this is the first time I've checked ino OG for many months, but things are a bit more settled now. However I have continued to collect and make lava lamps in the mean time and i now have an art studio space in which to work. I will post a pic of my cocktail shaker lamp soon and then have to decide what to start on next, glass slipper, fish, rain drop or body. I do also have to do my… Continue

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Cut and Shut Dilema

Despite not having enough wax to start, then filling the lamp with so much liquid it nearly burst at the seams, I now have a beautifullly flowing custom lamp. Quite surprising as the minute it started to flow for the first time I knocked it off it's stand and sent millions of tiny bubbles of wax whooshing through the liquid. If anything though that seems to have helped the flow.

I now have a dilema though, i was going to post photo's of my work to date, but now the lamp is so close to… Continue

Added by D Newnham on June 8, 2010 at 8:51am — 3 Comments

Waxed Out

Despite a slightly heavy weekend I've had a go a making my own custom bottle lamp. I got an old knock off lamp from the market on saturday and emptied, heated, poured etc this evening. I think I'll have to see the results (I am anxiously waiting for it too warm up as I write) before deciding what I did right or wrong. However I have definately learnt how messy a process it is. Once the wax is out of the bottle it has a life of it's own. By the time you account for all the little bits stuck to… Continue

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Packages and International 'Standards.'

Just a quick post today. I'm very tired from helping a friend collect boxes and pallets to move house, picking up my own junk from storage at a friend's and squeezing in time to pick up two ebay purchases. Was nice though I got home unpacked the car (amazing how much will fit in a VW Polo) and discovered my other two ebay purchases had arrived. Plugged everything in to try it and sat down to check my email whilst it all warms up. Really lovely to find friendly responses to my blog,… Continue

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First Big Mistake

Looking at my new/knackered Color Fountain, I made the assumtion that is was an oil/water mix and that the water must have become full of bacterial goo over time. I carefully drained the lamp, making a real mess as I did and then haphazardly filtered it through kitchen towel. I realised it was all oily substance and tried mixing a little WD40 with a sample of it to make up for lost liquid. Not a great success. I refilled the lamp and switched on. The bodged circuit board wasn't holding so that… Continue

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Scratching Around

Where it began...again

I've had many lava lamps over the years and like my Action Men, Star Wars Toys, watches etc I failed to realise what they were worth until they were long gone. Then a…


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